Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall 2011: Ngai

Fall 2011: Daniel Becker, Ivy Ngai, Edward Becker and Bailey Nova are 22, Claire Green is 24 and Julian Becker is an infant.

New Place 
Ivy: With Daniel taking over for Claire at Chantilly Academy Lower School we have decided to live in Chantilly. There is new development in the west end of Chantilly where there are small houses and a low rise apartment building. It is also across the road from the school, which is great for Daniel.

Edward and Claire came over one afternoon and they brought Julian. I loved playing with Julian and cooing over him but was happy to leave it to Edward and Claire to have children.

They didn't spend long at our place, it was the first trip out of the house for Julian.

As they where leaving Claire talked with Daniel a little about the school and told him that he would do well and to stop worrying about everything going smoothly, nothing does with children.

The first morning of school all we talked about was Daniels plan for the next school year.

I spent the morning doing house work. It's amazing how dirty the place can get with only the two of us.

Job Search 
Then I spent some time looking for the wanted ads in the paper. I found myself a job with the local paper. I couldn't help wondering how things where going for Daniel.

I made Daniels favourite for dinner, pork chops.

Daniel was really excited about my new job. I wasn't so sure, I I'm not sure what I want to do with myself aside from make lots of money. Is that shallow of me?

 Fired The job didn't go very well. I barley made if through half the day before they told me to go home and that they wouldn't be needing me.

Daniel was great about it when he came home from school. He even cooked dinner that night.

The next day Bailey came over for lunch. She works in the evenings so we had lots of time to catch up.

Bailey wasn't so sure about my getting a job at the local dinner. I told her it was just a job to make some money. Bailey did give me something to think about though. She told me to go with what I love to do.

Job Search

That night at dinner Daniel and I talked about job ideas for me. I have always been a fitness buff so maybe I need to find a job in that field.

Later that week I went downtown to the stadium. I have a friend that sometimes let me sneak in an kick a ball around. I find it helps me think. It helped, I thought what about the new downtown campus of Sim State?, they have a gym.

 Gym I I went as soon as possible to the gym to see if they needed any trainers or instructors.

I started the next week as a personal trainer at the gym. They also had me on a list to fill in for some of the fitness classes when instructors called in sick.

I love teaching the yoga class.

 Massage One of the best perks of working at the gym is the free massages.

New Job Talk Daniel is so wonderfully. Every night I come home gushing about my job and working downtown. I try to let Daniel tell me about his day but sometimes I just can't help myself and I go on and on about my day.

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