Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer 2011: Mini

Summer 2011: Valerie and Addison Mather are 56, Miles Connor is 42, Amanda Connor is 38, Chris Mather is 13, Lana Connor is 8 and Charlie Connor is 3.

I thought I would introduce a few of the none playable playable's that do play a part in Chantilly. The Mather's are Madison's mothers and Miles Connor is the headmaster of Chantilly Academy.

Chris.jpgValerie and Addison Mather decided that after Madison had left for University that they missed having a child around the house so they adopted Chris. Chris will be joining Jessie Gorey in grade 8.

snapshot_7811865f_19641b44.jpgMiles Connor married Amanda and they have 2 children Lana who is currently attending Chantilly Academy Lower School and Charlie who is 3 the same age as Alexis Upsnott.

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