Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fall 2011: Sim State

Fall 2011: Miriam Nova, Justin Flylar, Loren Becker, Frederick Becker are 20, Brandon Becker, Tamara Newson and Diana Lind are 19.

snapshot_98d3cd74_7966048f.jpg Tamara and Frederick are the only ones left in the dorm. When Jacob had changed his mind about going to University Tamara had hoped that he would be joining her in the dorm but with the new campus in downtown Chantilly he felt that would be a better fit.

Talk.jpg Tamara tried to make friends with some of the other girls in the dorm but they alwasy seemed to be looking at her like she had three heads.

synth.jpg Frederick found himself spending a lot of time playing with the synth. He figured it would help with his goal to become a Professional Party Guest. Unlike Tamara he wasn't bothered by not making friends with the rest of the group in the dorm that year.

Study.jpg With most of their friends living in apartments this year Frederick and Tamara ended up doing a lot of studying together. Neither one of them had found themselves making friends with any of the others in the dorm.

Bored.jpg Tamara found herself very bored a lot of the time. She would just lounge on the sofa and stare at the wall. It probably didn't help with the impression the other girls at the dorm had of Tamara.

Party.jpgTamara decided to have a party, Justin and Miriam had to study for mid-terms but Brandon and Loren came over. It started our great, there was a whole group of them dancing like they had the previous year.

Really.jpg The dancing didn't last long. Loren and Brandon spent the rest of the party in the hot tub.

Finally.jpg Not long after mid-terms Tamara finally made a friend. I happend over breakfast as both of them where early risers.


New Home.jpg Justin and Miriam found a nice one bedroom apartment that wasn't too expensive. They where looking forward to having some privacy.

Quiet Breakfast.jpg Miriam loved being able to make her own breakfast in her own kitchen.

snapshot_38d1f168_18d1f35d.jpg Miriam and Justin would start everyday eating breakfast together. It was perfect.

snapshot_38d1f168_d964b8d6.jpg At night Miriam would often take advantage of the telescope on the communal balcony. It was one of the things that had sold her on this apartment building.

snapshot_38d1f168_b964bf73.jpg Justin loved the peace and quiet so he could read the paper.

snapshot_38d1f168_9964b931.jpgOne day however Miriam realized that maybe she needed a little more company that just Justin. She began to regret not goign to Tamara's party back at the old dorm.

snapshot_38d1f168_5964ba54.jpg They had the gang over for a study session and the Miriam made them all dinner.


New Digs.jpg Loren and Brandon spent a bit more on their new apartment then Justin and Miriam had, but they wanted a nicer kitchen with new appliances.

Privacy.jpg They loved the privacy they had in their new place. The did what they wanted, where and when they wanted to.

Study.jpg They loved even studying together. They would go out if friends invited them but they where just as happy to stay at home just the two of them.

Cleaning.jpg Brandon found he was doing most of the cleaning but he didn't really mind that much.

Brunch.jpg They talked about movies when they actually got around to sitting down for a meal together. Their class schedules didn't always allow for that.

snapshot_98d3cd74_99660690.jpg At the end of the day it was always just the two of them asleep. (no dreams for either of them, I don't think I've ever had sims that don't dream).


Frederick C+
Tamara B
Miriam A+
Justin A+
Brandon A+
Loren A+

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