Friday, January 15, 2010

Fall 2010: Chantilly Academy

Fall 2010: Ginger Newson is 56, Miles Connor is 41, Claire Green is 23, Jacob Flylar is 17, Colin Pitts, Stewart Newson, Penny McArthur and Gabriella Gorey are 15, Jessie Gorey is 12, Matthew Pitts, Molly Lind, Tina Traveller, Lana Connor and Nicholas Gorey are 7

Chantilly Lower School

Study.jpgThings at the lower school are running smoothly. Claire Green has a good handle on all the kids and they all seem to be enjoying school.

Computer.jpgLana and Nicholas love to go straight for the computers when they go to library.

skills.jpgTina and Matthew always have their heads in a book and Jessie being the eldest love's to show off his chess skill to whoever is willing to play. Molly is getting close to showing Jessie that he isn't always going to win.

Friends.jpgDespite being a fair bit older than the other kids Jessie has become good friends with most of them.

Bored.jpgChantilly was having a very mild November and Claire realized that her students where getting fidgety and bored in class.

Fieldtrip.jpg The next day she decided to take them on a field trip rather than doing more school work. It was a Friday after all.

Playground.jpgThe kids love the playground. What kid doesn't, especially when they should be in class doing work.

rollerskate.jpgClaire also introduced the kids to roller skating. She figured she could get a fun gym class in without the kids realizing it.


Chantilly Upper School

cheking in.jpgWith the graduation of 5 students from the Upper school and no new students has left Miles Connor with a lot of time on his hands as he no longer has a homeroom class to teach. He finds himself checking in on Gingers class a lot, not that she needs any help with them.

yard work.jpgMiles finds himself doing a lot more of the chores around the school like raking up all the leaves. This gives him more time at home with his family.

computers.jpg Miles still instructs some of the more technical classes like overseeing the computer lab.

bestfriends.jpgThings seem to have settled between Penny and Gabriella. They are always together and seem closer than ever.

Parents meeting.jpgMiles decided to have a meeting with the parents of Chantilly Academy to see how they would feel if he removed the need for school uniforms. Everyone seemed to be in agreement and that starting the next week the kids could wear their street clothes.

University.jpgThe students at the Upper School where too enthralled grilling Jacob about going to university the next year to make much comment about the lack of uniforms. They all seem to act like it nothing had changed.

heart fart.jpgThe one thing that had seemed to change was the fact that Stewart and Penny where spending a lot more time together. Nothing serious had happened but Stewart was more friendly with everyone and getting tongue tied around Penny. (lot's of heart farts over her)


hots.jpg Sim's always make me wonder. Stewart and Gabriella have 3 bolts for each other and he defiantly findes her more to his liking but all of his heart farts and flirting is concentrated on Penny who he only has one bolt for. Maybe there was something to the fight that Penny and Gabriella had at camp.

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