Thursday, March 1, 2012

May 2013: Birthday's and Graduations

May 2013

The newest member of the Lind family was a welcome surprise. Sarah never thought she would have a little boy but at 57 she welcomes Liam Lind into her family. Brown eyes and dark hear just like his dad

Night time feed.jpgKorey is thrilled to have a little boy, he loves his girls but there is something special to Korey about having a little boy to carry on the family name.

Henry Pitts and Meadow Thayer have both graduated from Chantilly tech and are looking forward to the next stage in their lives. They have an apartment in Chantilly and both have good jobs. Henry wasn't as lucky as some he didn't make the first cut for the Chantilly Football team so for now he is the Team mascot. At least he still gets to train with them. Meadow has a job with an Architecture firm and one day hopes to use her love of art in this field but for now she is a Brick Layer.

Justin & Miriam.jpg
Justin Flylar and Miriam Nova have a two bedroom walk up apartment in Downtown Chantilly just across the street from the stadium. Justin made the first cut and is a starter on the Chantilly Football team. Miriam is putting her biology degree to work, for now she is an Fish Chummer but she hopes this is a short lived stepping stone.


Until Brandon graduates from Sim State Loren will be living with Addison and Hannah. They have a two bedroom apartment in the north side of Downtown Chantilly. Loren is starting at the bottom of the rung as a dish washer but she knows this is just the beginning towards her goal of becoming a Celebrity Chef. Addison hasn't got in at the local newspaper yet but she knows it's just a matter of time. For now she is working as mail carrier and working on a blog that she hopes will get her noticed by the local media (David Gorey). Hannah is well on her way towards her dream and is playing in the minor league for the Chantilly Women's Soccer Team.

Frederick is not interested in hard work.  He loves to go out and have a good time.  He found a cheap one bedroom apartment on the east site of Downtown Chantilly and is working nights as a gas station attendant.

A few months before their wedding Clarie and Edward have another surprise. Claire is expecting their second child in February.

Amanda, Miles Connors wife is expecting their 3rd child in November though sometimes she feels like she is big enough to be carrying twins. (she is only expecting one child)

She is due in August and she is hoping that then Daniel will loose the baby wight he has put on as well as her.


ciyrose said...

Welcome back....this was a nice recap of who's doing what after uni and getting ready to have babies, etc.

jungfrun68 said...

I'm finally trying to get back to reading blogs after my insane working spring. Good catch-up post!