Saturday, March 31, 2012

June 2013: Chantilly Academy Upper School

June 2013: Ginger Newson is 58, Miles Connor is 43, Tammy Holland is 27 Colin Pitts, Stewart Newson, Penny McArthur and Gabriella Gorey are 17,George McCarthy, Tristan Todd, Chris Mather, Melody Tinker, Chloe Tanner and Jessie Gorey are 14.
There are 6 new students in the Upper school this year, George McCarthy, Tristan Todd, Chris Mather, Melody Tinker, Chloe Tanner and Jessie Gorey. It is the last year for Colin, Gabriella, Penny and Stewart who are all headed off to SSU in the fall.

The grade 12 class is finding things a lot harder this year. Ginger is making sure that they will be ready for their classes at SSU.

The Grade 9 class is settling in well to Mr Connor's class.

The Seniors rush through lunch in order to work on their final projects. Grades matter this year for their scholarships.

Jessie and Chris became best friends in the lower school and for the most part only hang out with each other.

Chloe Tanner has developed quite the crush on Colin. He tries to be nice about it but he does have a girlfriend Kea who goes to the public school downtown.

Stewart is trying to make sure he is in shape for when he starts at SSU. None of the girls will look at him if he's out of shape, though he is still hoping Penny will look his way again.

Penny and Gabriella also spend a lot of time working out. Penny can't let herself loose her fitness level as she knows it's going to be very competitive in the dace program at SSU.


ciyrose said...

I really do like your school system, it's very fun to see their updates.

jungfrun68 said...

It will be interesting to see what happens in uni with these kids