Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring 2013: Gorey

Spring 2013: David Gorey is 54, Allegra is David 53, Gabriella Gorey is 17, Jessie Gorey is 14, Nicholas Gorey is 10 and Daren is 3.

 David: Allegra has been more tired lately, I often find her lying down after work.

Then she started getting sick all the time, though mostly it was in the morning.  I've seen her like this before but at 53 I wasn't expecting it.

Allegra and I thought we were done at 4 kids but it looks like we're going to have a 5th.  I think Allegra is still getting over the shock of it all but we will be fine.  Our house is plenty big enough and I am at the top of my career so money isn't going to be a problem either.

We invited my sister Catherine and her husband Larry over to tell them the news.  Larry thought it was great, I think Catherine was almost as shocked as Allegra was.

Jessie has been great with Daren.  Now that he's in the upper school it seems that he has more time for his youngest brother.

He even has time to sing Nursery Rhymes with him.

I think Nicholas misses having his brother at the same school.  He will often go into Jessie's room and play there even on a weekend when Jessie is still asleep.

Gabriella will be leaving for University next year and she wanted her room to be a little more grown up.

With a house full of boys I can see why Gabriella likes to hang out with her friends Penny and Steffi in her room.

Also now that Gabriella has her drivers license she and Penny head downtown to the Corner Spot where all the teens hangout.

I know the girls like the pinball machine and other arcade games.

I'm sure that they hang out with other kids that we don't know but as far as I know there aren't any serious boyfriends on the horizon.  That's what Allegra tells me and I know they talk all the time.

Even with my busy work schedule and Allegra feeling tired all the time we do try to sit down to dinner as a family as much as possible.

I think I need to look at some of my settings in ACR as this is my second sim to get pregnant in her 50's.  I thought I had her on 'can't get pregnant'  Oh well, at least it's a family that I can see having a lot of children.


ciyrose said...

Woah...surprise baby. Well the family is very nice, and they do seem like a family that would be willing to add another baby in, even if it was a surprise.

jungfrun68 said...

Wow, another baby! I think my Allegra wouldn't have liked that. She was very happy with her two - son David and daughter Annika.