Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall 2012: McArthur

Fall 2012: Larry McArthur is 55, Catherine is 53, Penny is 16 and Jasmine is 1,
(Gabriella Gorey is 16 and Chris Mather is 14).

1 Sisters.jpgPenny: I love my little sister, she's so much more fun now that she is a toddler.

1.jpgOne night a week I babysit Jasmine so Mum and Dad can go out for 'date night'. Now that school is back they make sure it's not too late a night if they go out on a weeknight.

4 Hanging out.jpgGabriella and I still hang out a lot but it's only the occasional weekend that we get to go to the Corner Spot.. Usually we hang out in Chantilly.

New Friend.jpgI've also started hanging out with a new girl at school, Chris Mather. She's two years younger than me but she's really cool.

4 Flirt.jpgOne weekend when Mum and Dad where out I invited Clay over, he's really cute but it's nothing serious. I wasn't sure if I was going to tell Mum about him.

4 Talk of Boys.jpgOne morning when Dad was out I did mention Clay to Mum. I told her that we weren't going steady or anything just hanging out for now.

2 Walking.jpgJasmine started walking one night when Mum and Dad where out on a date. They where so surprised the next day when we showed them what Jasmine could do.

3 Potty.jpgThankfully I didnt' have to do much with potty training Jasmine. Dad was the only one who she didn't fight when she was put on the potty.

3 Talk.jpgJasmine is now saying a few words too. Her favorite word is 'deddy'


jungfrun68 said...

Long time, no see! Cute update, and welcome back-1

ciyrose said...

Good to have you back....this was a really cute update. Jasmine is a cutie for sure