Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall 2012: Sim State University

Fall 2012: Miriam Nova, Justin Flylar, Loren Becker, Frederick Becker are 21, Brandon
Becker, Tamara Newson and Diana Lind are 20, Jacob Flylar is 19.

1.jpg The ladies of SSU decided they needed to check out some of the downtown scene. Diana knew just where to take them. It was a bit of a dive but still lots of fun.

2.jpg They started the night with a few drinks at the bar.

3.jpg After a few drinks Diana convinced Loren to get up with her and sing. They both had a great time but couldn't convince the others to join them.

4.jpg Most of the night they spent playing pool.


5.jpg Frederick couldn't figure out what was going on with him and Diana, they had spent a lot of time over the summer together and when she came to visit they had a great time in the hot tub.

6.jpg Later the same evening Diana started to question what was going on between them and why they kept ending up in the hot tub together.

7.jpg Tamara on the other hand knew exactly what she wanted.

8.jpg ... and it wasn't one of the guys in the dorm hitting on her.

9.jpg Tamara was only interested in Jacob.

Coffee shop.jpg Loren and Brandon found they could barley make the rent as they where going out so much.

Getting OUt.jpgThey decided to stick closer to home and only go to the coffee shop on campus.

Cooking.jpg Brandon is a good cook so he started experimenting with recipes, trying to make similar dishes to those at their favorite restaurants.

Fire.jpg It didn't go over so well one night, he got distracted and let the roast burn.

Friends.jpg The study sessions they hosed where always a success as the food, with the exception of the burn offerings, was always good.

  • Diana is driving me crazy. When Frederick is on the same lot as her she won't even accept a flirt from anyone else but if he's not around she will Woohoo with a few different guys in her dorm. Frederick seems not interested in anyone but Diana and rejects flirts from everyone but Diana. They are probably the highest attraction score in my game but I guess they have a bit of growing to do.
  • I didn't write about Miriam and Justin as nothing happened with them, a very boring couple at the moment.
  • I seem to have lost Miriam's hair, if anyone knows where I might have downloaded it from I would be grateful. That or a new hairstyle for her, nothing I have seems to suit her.

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ciyrose said...

Seems like a pretty peaceful uni round. Frederick and Diana seem to have a very interesting relationship right now.