Saturday, July 13, 2013

June 2015: Henry and Meadow

5June 2015: Meadow Thayer and Henry Pitts are 24.

2Meadow: With the soccer season back up and running I do most of the cooking so when Henry does have the time it's really nice that he does cook.

3The main topic for discussion is always our wedding. I would like a summer wedding and Henry wants a winter wedding. We have a lot to figure out.

6I have been feeling unwell and really tired lately so Henry convinced me to go and see the Dr Mather.

7I hadn't wanted to acknowledge my suspicion but Dr. Mather has confirmed that I am pregnant. This is defiantly going to impact our wedding. The baby is due in March.

4Henry and I met at a new bakery in Chantilly so I could tell him the news and we could rethink our plans for the wedding. I think having a fall wedding gives us enough time before the baby is due.


maisie said...

Exciting that they are going to have a baby I can see how that changes wedding plans though. A fall wedding will be really pretty, and give them time to settle a little bit before the baby arrives.

ciyrose said...

YAY a new baby. It will be fun to see what the baby will look like.