Thursday, September 5, 2013

July 2015: Brandon Becker

1July 2015:  Brandon Becker is 23

2I often find myself at the Rebel House for a few drinks in the evening.

2aIt’s mostly know for the pool tables but I like to join in on the poker table.

3I've always love music and playing my guitar.

3aRecently I have been sitting in on an open mike night at the University Lounge.  I’m really enjoying it.

4I've been so confused about a lot of things since Helen was born, she’s almost a year old and I really don’t see her much.  I had my parents over for dinner to see if they can help me figure out my feelings on this.

4aThe next night I went out for a drink and I think I spent a good 30min or more just staring into space.

4bThe next day I called Hannah to visit their new apartment when Loren was out at work.  I need to figure things out about Helen without my feelings of Loren mixed into them.

I think I have finally made a connection with my daughter.  Holding her with no one else in the room has changed a few things

Every time I went into Brandon’s lot he had absolutely no wants for his daughter Helen.  I decided to see what would happen when I played Loren’s household with Brandon visiting, he still did not have any wants for her but he independently fed and played with Helen.


ciyrose said...

Poor Helen, I hope her daddy starts to what to see her and stuff.

maisie said...

I am glad he autonomously interacted with her, and hope he starts bonding while she's still too young to remember.

jungfrun68 said...

Parenthood is complicated!