Wednesday, April 10, 2013

November 2014: University

The new Freshman are all living in Delaware Hall at the downtown campus. Stewart and Colin are Political Science majors.  Penny is enrolled in the dance program and Gabriella is in the Fashion Design program.  Gabriella's boyfriend Ira (a Biology major) and Colin's girlfriend Kea (History major) have also joined them in Delaware Hall.

At the beginning of the term they established a regular Wednesday night study group even though they are mostly all in different programs.  They find it good incentive to study if someone around them is also studying.

They also have a regular night out every weekend.  The often head to the on campus bar The Pitt for drinks, karaoke and a game of pool.  Really only Penny and Colin where into the Karaoke.

The only ones up early in the morning where Penny, Ira and Gabriella.  They often had breakfast together before heading out to their morning classes

Colin and kea where enjoying all the time they where now able to spend together.

After their mid-terms Colin and Kea found time to go to the Crab Shack in Chantilly Beach.  They didn't splurge on their meal but it was a nice day out.

Gabriella and Ira are also taking advantage of living in the same dorm.

Gabriella also managed to get a second hand sewing machine so she could spend more time working on her projects. 

Stewart tried to get Ira to tell him his secret when it came to love.  Stewart just didn't understand what was going on with Penny.

When they had first moved into the dorm Penny and Stewart had spent a lot of time together.  Stewart thought they where becoming a couple even though they hadn't talked about being exclusive.

Then a little while later Stewart found that Penny was spending time with  a few other guys.

Even when Penny was just having lunch with a guy Stewart go jealous.

Stewart found himself spending more and more evenings watching sports or movies rather than telling Penny how he felt.


Blackcat said...

Stewart needs to be honest with Penny, I think - he runs the risk of losing her, but at least he'd know where he stands.

jungfrun68 said...

She's not really that into you, Stewart!

ciyrose said...

Ah Stewart. You should tell Penny. Maybe you won't end up together, but you need to talk to her