Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sim State University: Chantilly Plaza Dorm

Catherine and David where the last of their generation to go to Sim State University. They didn't really mind this fact. Catherine chose Biology as her major and David chose Psychology as his major.

The twins found life in the dorm exactly what they wanted, lots of people and always someone to talk to or play games with.

The twins sister Tara had told them the best thing to do was get the term paper out of the way and then they wouldn't have to worry about the time they spend on their social lives as long as they went to class.

Catherine is a pleasure sim and her main goal in life at this point is to have 50 first dates. At High School she managed to get in 5 first dates, by the end of her sophomore year she was up to 13 first dates with the help of the matchmaker and some very cheap blind dates.
Professor Hayden Gast

Elmer Almassizadeh

Blake LeTourneau

Steven Seiff


Can't Recall His Name

There had always been the occasional fight in the dorms over the years, mostly the mascots and the cheerleaders but for some reason the current group in Chantilly Plaza Dorm are always getting into fights. It's mostly with Dylan Williams, he seems to want to fight with everyone. The most often it's David, Catherine or Lexie. These fights will happen out of the blue and usually more than one a day.

David decided to offer all of his fellow dormies free makeovers, most people took him up on the offer and he was getting quite good at it. When Lexie decided to take him up on the offer he was really nervous about it. He was always a little nervous around Lexie, He really didn't want to make a mess of this make over.

Lexie was absolutely thrilled with the makeover that David had done for her, everyone in the dorm had said he was good at it but she had still been a little bit nervous when she sat down in the chair.

David had lots of female friends but every time he looked around the room the one person that always caught his eye was Lexie.

David found himself spending more and more time with Lexie. He would even wake up early just to have breakfast with her as she had an early morning class.

Unlike his sister David had found the one person he wanted to spend all of his time with. Lexie and David where always to be found together.

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Anonymous said...

Good for David! And Lexie really did look better after the makeover.

Also, good luck with the 50 first dates! I never had that much patience, but I guess university would be a good place to try.