Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nova: Next Generation

Andrew: When Kerry moved into the new beach house the first thing she insisted on was a flower station. She is a fortune sim and is determined to start her own business, a flower shop is going to be her first goal.

The day Kerry and I planned for our wedding turned out to be a perfect summer day on the beach. I think it was my Dad who made the sandcastle.

The wedding ceremony was perfect, you really can't beat the sound of the crashing waves in the background.

We've always had a little fun with each other, I couldn't help but shove the first piece of cake in her face.

Our wedding was perfect, the new beach house was perfect. Our fist dance on the back porch by the beach just topped everything.

As with most things in her adult life my Mum took turning into an elder with grace and style and a whole lot of fun.

Though my Dad didn't seem to happy about becoming an elder but I think he's get used to it now.

None of us had realized how old Kai was, she was so active. The day that death came for her was quite a surprise.

We have been able to find a quite place in the garden to bury Kai's ashes. We didn't have her long but my Mum really had grown fond of her. I think we will get another dog when Mum has gotten over Kai's death.

Kerry has always love to cook and she was anxious to impress my Dad the big chef. She managed to do that with her Crepe's Suzette.

Kerry and Holly had become great friends the last year at College. Holly couldn't wait to tell Kerry that she was pregnant. I left them too it, I had forgotten how much those two giggled when they got together.

It wasn't long after Kevin and Holly told us that they were expecting a child that Kerry found she was pregnant.

Bailey was welcomed into our family with open arms by all. She really is the cutest thing.

I can't believe how much Bailey has changed my life. I get her in my arms and time just seems to slip away and I don't even mind.

We had a large party with friends and family to celebrate Bailey's birthday. It's great to have everyone over.

Bailey Nova
5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful, 1 nice
Zodiac: Gemini

Bailey enjoyed her birthday party, I don't think she's ever had so much attention. Kevin and Holly love spending playing with her, it's just a shame they weren't able to bring Edward with them. I think the two kids will get along great when they finally do meet.

I think it's great that my Dad spends so much time with Bailey. They love to sing nursery rhymes together.

My Mum says that Bailey is very like me. She is very independent, when left to her own devices she is often to be found playing with her blocks.

Kerry is so good with Bailey, she spends every chance she gets reading to her and teaching her to talk.

I don't know what Kerry would say but most nights I wake up and I know Bailey is also awake. I will go into her room and have a little quality time together

I never thought I would be the one for a larger family but when Kerry told me she was pregnant again I was over the moon.

I love it when the sims do things that in real life would kill them.

One day Ella went to work and stayed there for 24 hours, when she came home all she was wearing was the fig leaves.

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