Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sim State University: Cupiditas Domus

When the day of classes and school work was done the boys where often practicing for their Saturday night gig.

The boys had built up a name for themselves on campus, they had become a main stay at the Campus Lounge on Saturday nights.

After Jordan accepted Aiden's marriage proposal he wasn't all that sure that sure that she really wanted to get married. She told him she did want to marry him she was just a little cold, he had proposed outside in the middle of fall.

One of the additions that the boys did to the Geek house was an extensive train set. The girls just shook their heads and smiled. Boys..........

One night after everyone was asleep Opal was seen playing poker by herself. I guess she didn't want to go home.

Kyle always love the snow. Every winter he had to have at least one snowman outside the house.

Though the girls had chosen not to live in the Geek house they where still members and where often found hanging out at the house. It was a lot noisier than their place.

Kyle and Ken are brothers, there has never been any doubt. They where often found to be playing punch you punch me and often there where lots of bruises.

Kyle was all geared up for the farewell party, he was determined to test out his bar tending skills on everyone.

The farewell party at the Geek House was a great success. As always there was lots of dancing. Lots of fun was had by everyone.

Kyle was the first to move back to Chantilly. He was anxious to scope out a new home for Ginger and him to start their lives together. He and Ken had also talked of starting a business together so he was going to look into that as well.

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