Saturday, September 12, 2009

Choices of Growing Up

Great Party.jpg Andrew: Like many in town our week started with a party, I am now an Elder. Kerry went out of her way to host a great party for me.

snapshot_d593d22e_37930a91.jpg The least I could do for the party was cook up some fresh fish from the local pond.

Goofing With Elders.jpg Even Bailey came home for the party, Kerry and Miriam didn't want anything to do with this photo, they just stood back and laughed while my Mum took the photo.

Bailey WHAT.jpg Bailey shared a little tidbit about what had been going on in her dorm. Kerry couldn't believe that her daughter was dating 2 boys, "How can you hide this from Juan, I thought you where in love with him!!", "I am" Bailey yelled back. "But I like spending time with Edward."

Serious Talk with Bailey.jpg I guess Kerry doesn't see things as I do, I'm a Romance sim and our daughter is a Pleasure sim. We don't always see these relationship things the same way as others.

Elder Sauna.jpg My parents have been spending more and more time alone together. They didn't' want me joining them in the sauna the other night.

Elder hottub.jpg Then there was the time I found them in the hot tub. I guess we've all had a little fun in the hot tub.

Andrew Retire.jpg I've decided that it was time for my to retire. I feel good about my choice, I'm just not sure what I'm going to do with my time. Especially since Bailey's not sure what she's going to do when she finishes at Sim State.

Grey Love.jpg I worried a little about how Kerry would take my white hair but she seems to like it.

Miriam Grandparents.jpg Miriam still loves to make sandcastles, my parents have taken a fondness to it as well. It doesn't seem to matter what the temperature.... it's summer and their going to make sandcastles.

Girls Breakfast.jpg I walked into the house one day to see the three ladies talking. The moment they noticed me conversation came to an abrupt stop. I still have no idea what they where talking about.

Grim Castor.jpg One morning in the middle of summer was a sad day. My father was visited by Grim and left us for another realm.

Sad Day.jpg I just can't believe that he's gone. I sit down for dinner and if he's not there across the table from me I burst into tears.

Comfort.jpg Mum has been great, she's always there with a hug.

Flowers Article.jpg Kerry has immersed herself into the web. She's been writing an article for the paper about flowers and flower arranging.

Like Grandma.jpg Miriam has taken on some of her grandmothers traits, my Mum is thrilled with her granddaughters talent on the guitar.

Grim Ella.jpg But as the summer came to an end, so did time with my Mother. She seemed happy to be joining my father. She kept saying "I'll be there soon Castor"

Graves.jpg My mother has joined my father in the garden plot. What a pair they where, so full of energy.

Weep.jpg Miriam is really broken up by this. Miriam was very close with her grandmother.

Yoga.JPG Thankfully Miriam has spent her time on the beach doing yoga rather than sneaking out in the middle of the night.

Gard Dog.jpg Darwin has been taking a special interest in Miriam. He watches over her most nights.

Miriam Art.jpg Miriam has been talking a lot about what she wants to do, she love's art and everything creative but she does want to become the Hand of Poseidon just like her mother does.

Teach Miriam.jpgKerry has decided to show Miriam the ropes at the flower shop. Bailey wasn't all that interested but with Miriam's creative streak Kerry thought this would be good for her as many of her friends have gone off to summer camp.

Team.jpgMiriam is getting a hand of the cash register, which gives me time to restock the store and do inventory.

Left to Work.jpgI decided to leave Miriam alone at the store one afternoon, it also happened to be the day that a reported from the local paper came to write a review. Miriam was so good that day and we received a rave review on the store.

Flower Making.jpgWith Miriam able to handle things at the store, it has given Kerry time to work on her flower arranging.

Surprise Kiss.jpg I hadn't realized that the kids where back from summer came till I saw Justin Flylar grab Miriam and kiss her. I thought he was dating Hannah Becker.

New Love.jpg I wasn't sure what to do when I saw them in the hot tub. Miriam will be going off to Sim State soon and she will be able to to what she wants. I remember what went on when Kerry was there.

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