Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life Goes On

Witch.JPG Tara: Abigail is continuing on with her studies, she tries to spend a little time each day in her little house in the back yard.

Study.jpg Both Abigail and I try to get some study time in. We are both working our way to the top of our career's. Dad just likes to come and watch us and distract us at the most inopportune time. It makes me laugh though.

Summer Breakfast.jpg With the beginning of summer it was nice to have a family lunch. Abigaile is just happy the weather is good enough for BBQ's.

Elder Dogs.jpg Lots of birthday's around. Our little puppies are now elders. My mum kept going on about the day they where born and how small and cute they where. She loves them just as much, if not more so now though.

Jacob Birthday.jpg Our little boy Jacob also celebrated his birthday. Jacob will be going to High School just as Justin will be headed to University.

Jacob Flylar
LTW: Have 50 1st Date's
neat 5, outgoing 5, active 9, playful 7, grouchy 1
Zodiac: Scorpio
Turn On's: Logical, mechanical
Turn Off: Custom Hair

Best Friends Tamara.jpgJacob has become best friends with one of Justin's High School friends, Tamara Newson. She's a nice girl, she's a bit older than Jacob but they are just friends.

Check on the Boys.jpg I often sneak into the boys room after they have gone to sleep just to make sure their ok. They are so peaceful when they are asleep.

Grim Ethan.jpg My parents passed away at the end of the summer, Justin was grateful that he arrived home from summer camp in time to see his grandparents before the end.

Funeral.jpg We had a private funeral at home just for the family. We have had some thought of moving the family to the local church and graveyard in town but for now we're keeping the family around.

Justin Sorrow.jpg Justin spent the next day around the house breaking out in tears every now and then.

Sneak OUt.jpg Jacob snuck out that night after the funeral. Although I guess it wasn't really sneaking out if Abigail and I knew about it but we understood why he felt the need to be with friends. I never told him that we knew.

Hang out with Mum's.jpg We tried to have a family night in, the bowling alley in the basement has always been a source for a lot of fun in our family.

comfort.jpg Abigail has been a great source of streangth for me. She had become quite close to my parents over the years.

Jacob and Tamara.jpg Jacob invited Tamara over one night. I think I overheard them talking about fashion. He must really like her to talk about fashion.

Kiss.jpg Abigail thinks she interupted their first kiss, not that either of them noticed her. She decided to walk out of the room quietly and leave them to their privacy. They really are a cute couple.

Official with Tamara.jpg Jacob told me that he and Tamara are now going steady. I hope it works out for him, he really seems to like Tamara but I know how things can change when you leave for school and Tamara is a bit older than Jacob.

End of Summer Breakfast.jpg We've finally been able to have a nice breakfast just the four of us. Justin is talking a lot about Sim State University where he will be going in the fall. He hasn't mentioned Hannah since he got back from camp and she hasn't called or come over. I think something happened at camp but with my parents and all I haven't really had much time to talk to him about it.

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