Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Summer Camp

Hanging out.jpg The group that went to Summer Camp where Addison Becker, Justin Flylar, Hannah and Brandon Becker, Frederick Pitts, Tamara Newson, Anthony Upsnott and Madison Mather. The moment they arrived they all claimed their tents and started their relaxing. The boys all headed for the lake to fish and the girls just hung around talking.

Talk.jpg Hannah and Addison where deep in discussion, Hannah was trying very hard not to think of the kiss that she and Addison had shared not that many days before. She wasn't sure what to think about it. She was dating Justin, the where going steady though it didn't really seem like it was all that serious but she had never thought about dating girls before. Hannah was really confused.

Camp Fire.jpg Most of the group headed off to bed but a few of them stayed up late around the campfire telling ghost stories.

Breakfast.jpg The next morning everyone headed to the gill for flap jacks. They had all heard that they where to die for.

Axe Throwing.jpg That morning Mr. Connor was teaching the kids how to throw an axe, this is why it's a High School trip and not one for the younger kids.

Watch.jpg Tamara was the only one that seemed to focus on the bullseye. As usuall Anthonoy and Madison only had eyes for eachother and Hannah kept looking over at Addison and loosing all concentration.

Slap.jpg No one was really too sure about what caused the fight but later that evening Tamara and Madison really got into it. Most of the kids saw it happen but pretended not to notice.

Flap Jacks.jpg The next morning no one spoke at breakfast they just dug right into the flap jacks.

Council Sessioin.jpg Mr. Connor took Tamara and Madison aside to have a chat with them. He managed to get the two of them talking about the school soccer team which they both where a part of. The argument from the night before was soon forgotten over plans for the up coming soccer season.

Kiss.jpg Hannah decided to take a chance and see what it felt like to kiss Addison back. She fet more nervous than ever before but also more excited. Unfortunatley sneaking to the washrooms didn't help, Justin walked in and saw the two of them. He just stood there and sared for the longest time.

I managed to lose the photo of Justin slaping Hannah for cheating.

Boy Talk.jpg Justin left the girls to go and let off a litte steam by throwing axes. Frederick came over to join him, he had heard the argument just before between Justin and Hannah. He figured Justin might need a friend.

Talk of Love.jpg Later that evening Addison started asking Madison and Anthony when they knew they where in love, and how did they know. Hannah was very quiet during this conversation. She couldn't believe what she had just done. She never meant to cheat or hurt Justin but for some reason she just couldn't regret what had happened between her and Addison.

Going Home.jpg Early the next morning it was time for the long drive back to Chantilly and the last few days of summer.

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