Saturday, September 12, 2009

Interesting Events

Jason Elder.jpg Jason: It was time for Laura and my birthday's. The kids put together a great party for us.

New Elder.jpg Laura looks beautiful with her glowing white hair.

Family Dinner.jpg Hannah said it was funny to eat dinner with all the white hair around the table. She said she can't wait till she goes away to school and everyone will be young like her.

Day Dream.jpg Hannah spend's a lot of time daydreaming, it's probably about her boyfriend Justin Flylar.

Fitness.jpgHannah is big into sports and fitness. She has decided to go to Chantilly Tech beacuse of their solid sports program that should help her with her goal of becoming Hall of Famer.

Early Morning Run.jpg Hannah has even gotten her brother into fitness. She wakes him up at 5:30am to go for a run before the day begins.

Wish.jpg Brandon has more fun making wishes at the well.Dating.JPGHe's a lot like his brother Daniel, he likes to spend time with the ladies but doesn't really want to date anyone specific.

Friends.jpg Hannah has been having a lot of time getting her boyfriend Justin and best friend Addison to play nice. They tend to just avoid each other rather than fight like I've heard they do at school.

Kiss.jpg Laura figured out why the other night. Addison came into the greenhouse kissed Hannah and left. This should make for an interesting time at summer camp as Hannah, Addison and Justin are all going.

Music.jpg When Brandon isn't spending time with his female friends he is playing the piano.snapshot_55a58ae0_9794145d.jpgIt's a quiet time with the kids away at summer camp. We actually get a chance to play a few games of pool. Ususlly the kids and their friends dominate the pool table.

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ciyrose said...

Sounds like some things might have been, or are happening with summer camp....