Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Week Of Summer

snapshot_75aad5d2_97a46b6c.jpg With summer coming to a close the teens thought it was time for a day at the beach. Addison hadn't seem Justin since the bus ride home from camp.

Friends Again.jpg When Justin came up to Addison that afternoon she was expecting him to yell but he was friendly and told her that if she and Hannah wanted to make a go of it then they should. What he didn't tell her was what he had spend the last few days doing.

Justin Miriam.jpg Justin and Miriam had been spending a lot of time together and had become quite close.

Night at the Beach.jpgThe group spend the day and evening just hanging out at the beach. The next night was to be their prom. It had to be postponed due to the banquet hall not being ready in time.

Prom.jpg Hannah brought her brother Brandon to Prom as she wasn't quite ready to tell her parents about Addison, though she suspected they knew something was up.

Slow Dance.jpg The usually couple's where on the dance floor for the slow dance. Addison and Hannah made their debut as a couple, not that it was much of a surprise to anyone. Off in the background there was another couple that no one had known about.

New Love.jpg Loren and Brandon had been spending a lot of time the past few days together. They hadn't told anyone as they didn't know where it was going what with Loren off to Sim State in a few days.

First Kiss.jpg The two new love birds did manage to spend a little time together outside the banquet hall at the gazebo, they didn't think anyone had noticed them sneak away.

Grad 2009.JPGHere is the graduating class of 2009, minus Henry's girlfiend Meadow who was taking the photo.

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