Monday, September 14, 2009


Baking Cake.JPG Kyle: Tamara has been experimenting a lot in the kitchen. She loves to bake cakes. Ginger and her seem to always have a cake when they do their girls night in.

Girls Night In.jpg They love to play videio games and they always make sure it's games that Stuart and I don't like so we leave them alone.

Zits.jpg I think there is a direct correlation to the number of nights in and the number of zits on my daughter's face.

Jacob.jpgTamara always run's outside to great her boyfriend. I'm not sure how much I like her spending time with a Boy friend. Ginger say's I'm just being silly.

Meet Dad.jpgGinger made dinner one night and then took Stewart out for a walk leaving me alone with Tamara and Jacob. I guess he's not such a bad kid, but he's just a kid.

Running.jpg Tamara is really into fitness so I've been getting her to join me on my morning runs. She seems to enjoy it but I think it's too early in the morning for her to contribute much to the conversation.

Basketball.jpg Tamara often prefers to go to the local rec center and shoot some hoops. She'll often go on her own, she seems to like it that way.

Fun.jpg I do wonder about teenage girls sometimes. Diana Lind and Tamara are always hanging out but they seem to like to pick on each other a lot.

Friends.jpg The next minute the two of them are dancing around the living room to the radio. I just don't understand teenage girls, Ginger just laugh's when I say this.

Stewart.jpg I now have a teenage son. We'll see how different he is to my daughter.

Stewart Newson
neat 6, shy 4, active 9, playful 6, grouchy 1
Zodiac: Scorpio
Turn On's: Glasses/Black Hair
Turn Off: Hats

Sister.jpg I guess Tamara just likes to torment people. She love's to show her brother just because he's big now doesn't mean she's going to stop picking on him.

Clothes Shopping.jpg Tamara decided that Stewart needed new clothes so they went off to the store that Diana works in to find something.

Check me out.jpg I gather that Tamara found lot's for herself.

New Clothes.jpg But I think Stewart found what he was looking for too. Maybe teenage boys are just as bad as teenage girls.

Poke Jacob.jpg Stewart isn't too fond of Tamara's boyfriend, he's always poking him but never really giving a reason for it.

Change Needed.jpg Ginger seems to think she's getting a little fat. She's say's she let things go over the summer.

Love Still.JPGI try to show her I love her just as she is. I think she knows that already but she feels she needs to get into the gym to burn off a few pounds.

Hiding.jpgGinger told me later that when she walked into the gym she was a little intimidated and went to hid in the locker room for a bit.

Start Running.jpgWhen she first started on the treadmill there was no one around so it made it a little easier to get into.

Fit.jpg After a few weeks of going to the gym Ginger is feeling fitter than she has in a long time. She also looks great.

Bussiness office.jpgThings at the store have been doing really well. I decided that I was going to need a larger space so I went over to the Real Estate Office to see what other spaces where available in Chantilly. The lady there was very helpful and I soon found the perfect place to relocated Becker Toy's to.

Close old shop.jpgWhen I was doing the last clean up of the old store Ken came by and gave me a present for the new place. He had made a bunch more kite's that are really popular.

New Store.jpgWe then walked over to the new store. Lot's more room for all my plans.

Brothers.jpgI asked Ken if he wanted to came back and work with me again but he said he's focusing on his writing now. Also with baby on the way he want's to be home more.

Kid Section.jpgIn the new Becker Toy's we have the kid's section an expansion on what I had before.

Adult Section.jpg But in the new store I also have a 'toy' section for the adult crowed. I never thought pool tables and poker tables would sell so fast.

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Mrs. Stuffy said...

Cute update. I never understand why peeps randomly poke at one another either, so rude ;-)