Sunday, September 13, 2009

Full House

Colin Darcy.jpg Aiden: Colin loves to spend time with his grandmother. The two of them will spend hours jamming together.

Mathew birthday.jpg Our youngest boy is getting bigger. We had quite a large party for Matthew, my Mum planned it all she loves big parties.

Matthew great party.jpg Matthew enjoyed every minute.

I'll miss you.jpg With Frederick going away to summer camp he wanted to make sure that Diana wouldn't forget him, "It's a whole 4 DAYS!!"

Headmaster.jpg Matthew was deteremind to start at Chantilly Academy with Colin in the fall. He was just a little sad that Henry and Frederick wouldn't be there to as they will be going off to College.

Chanttilly.jpg Dinner with the Headmaster went very well. He already know all of us so it was really just a formality.

Henry and Medow.jpg When Henry wasn't out working at the Chantilly Beach Cafe he often had his friend Meadow over, their sort of dating but Henry say's it's nothing serious.

Cooking.jpg Henry wants to be able to cook for himself when he get's to school in the fall, he needs a little more work on that one.

Fishing.jpg Matthew loves to play in the garden, he especially loves to fish. He will drag anyone who walks by the house to go fishing in the back.

Bye Darcy.jpg While Frederick was away at camp my mother passed away. She may have seemed ok when she was playing with the boys but things had changed when my dad passed away.

sad.jpg Colin was really torn up about her death. I guess they had gorwn really close during all those jam sessions.

snapshot_75aad5d2_77a46f4d.jpg Even Bonkers was upset for the first little while.

Romance Sims.jpg When Frederick got home from camp he went straight for the back yard and the plot we have back there. He spend a few hours just sitting there staring at the graves.

Boys Chess.jpg Henry soon had him distracted with a game of chess. "So who did you let cut your hair Frederick, it's a mess" Henry teased his brother. Anything to get an advantage in a game of chess.

Fredrick talking to Diana.jpg Frederick had been dying to call Diana but his first day back she was busy at work. They had only talked on the phone for a few minutes.

Frederick Diana.jpg The moment she was free Diana was over. Frederick goes gaga everytime he see's her. It's kind of cute, we'll see what happens when he's off at school and she still has a couple of years before she goes to College.

Teens.jpg The boys had a bunch of their friends over for one final BBQ before everyone goes off to different schools.

End of Summer.jpg The last day before Henry and Frederick go off to school it was just the six of us hanging out by the pool. It was a great day.

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