Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ladies Night.jpg Sarah: It has been a long time since the girls from College got together. We decided to have a girls night out at the new Karaoke bar.

Sarah.jpg I love singing Karaoke.

Ginger and Sarah.jpg Ginger say's she's not that into it but I think she does get into it.

Tara and Sarah.jpg It's always fun to sing with Tara too.

Abigaile and Tara.jpg The most romantic is when Tara and Abigail sing together, it's like there's no one else in the room.

Father Daughter.jpg While I was out Korey and Diana had a Father Daughter night in.

Serve Breakfast.jpg The next day Diana made breakfast, good thing too I was way to tired to do very much that morning.

I got the job.jpg Diana was so thrilled when she got a job at her favorite store Evie's Boutique.

Proud Mum.jpg I know Diana hate's it when I just stop by to see her at work, I'm just so proud of her.

Sisters.jpg I wasn't sure how Diana would take to a baby sister but she is always playing with her and cuddling her.

Molly Birthday.jpg We had a small party for Molly's birthday, family and a few friends.

Friends with Gabriella.jpg Molly has become great friends with Gabriella Gorey even though she's is a number of years older. Gabriella is coming up on her birthday soon.

Best Friends.jpg One evening I was out at work and we let Diana go on a date with Frederick, he does leave for Sim State University soon. Korey and Molly had a great dinner just the two of them.

Dinner DAte.jpg Diana told me about Sunshine Grill that Frederick took her to. She said the food was wonderful.

Good Night.jpg I'm sure a little more happened than she told me about.

Girl Talk.jpg I am a little worried as Diana say's she's in love with Frederick and he will be at University for a year without her. I know how one can change with you leave home.

Star Gazing.jpg Often at night when the girls are in bed Korey and I will cuddle under the stars. I think Korey is testing our luck by getting me closer and closer to the water's edge.

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