Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sim State University: Lots of Love Going Around

New Dorm.jpg A new dorm had opened up at Sim State and the three new Freshman decided that this was where they would live for the next two years.

Frosh.JPG Daniel chose Psychology as his major, Edward chose Biology and Bailey chose Art.

Fan.jpg Daniel and Edward decided to explore the campus. Daniel decided to join in a jam session, which many of the girls seem to enjoy.

Flirt.jpg Daniel seemed to be having lots of success with the ladies. They all came up to him after his session on stage.

Crush.jpg Edward on the other hand found himself having a great time with one Lakshmi.

Juan and Bailey.jpg Bailey on the otherhand went over ot Juan's dorm to spend some quality time with him.

Cuddle.jpg Dorm life was so different, no one seemed to mind them hanging out in their underwear!

First Dinner.jpg The next morning found the three freshman socializing over breakfast with a few of their fellow dormmies.

New Friends.jpg Bailey loved having lots of people around. She was socializing with everyone.

Bailey Friends.jpg New friends where easy to come by for Bailey, everyone seems to find Bailey easy to approach.

Daniel Frat.jpg Daniel decided it was time to get started on their Greek house memberships Allie came over to meet the latest candidates to the Greek house.

Edward Frat.jpg Edward was soon best friends with Allie.

Bailey Frat.jpg And of course miss social had no problems becoming friends with Allie.

Kegger.jpg This first kegger of the school year was soon put a stop to due to the excessive noise. Thus everyone thought it was a great success.

4th Girl.jpg The number of ladies that seem to wander through their dorm was very much to Daniel's taste.

Frances.jpg Flirting seemed to come so easily to Daniel now. He didn't understand why he had been so awkward at High School.

Lakshmi.jpg Daniel didn't seem to think things between Edward and Lackshmi where that serious so flirting with her he felt was fair game.

Stella.jpg Daniel couldn't get over the number of different ladies, there was so much variety. No on ladie could pin Daniel down.

Best Friends Lakshmi.jpg Daniel and Lakshmi where spending lots of time together they where soon best friends but never anything more than that.

Study Lakshmi.jpgThey even spend a lot of time doing school work together.

Best Friends Ivy.jpg Edward on the other hand had started seeing Ivy. They where best friends and couldn'd keep their hands off eachother.

Ivy's pad.jpg Edward would spend many nights over at Ivy's house away from the noise of the dorm.

Hot Tub fun.jpg Then Edward finds himself with someone else in the hot tub.

Make out no no.jpg Making out in his dorm room.....

Forbidden Fruit.jpg Edward and Bailey had started having fun together. They did this completely autonomously.

Juan Hot.jpg Bailey still found Juan the more attractive of the two men she was spending time with. Juan had always made her heart flutter.

Edward Bailey Hot.jpg Edward on the other hand was starting to find Bailey more attractive than Ivy. He would still spend his time with Ivy if she was over at the dorm but Bailey was the one he thought about the most.

Awkward.jpg Edward would always find himself walking in on Bailey and Juan when they had some time alone.

Silent Study.jpg Edward never said anything about their relationship to Bailey, he would all but ignore her when they where working on their term papers together.

Daniel Hotties.jpg Daniel was still enjoying the variety he found on campus and was not ready to commit to one lady in particular.

Edward Thinking.jpg Edward couldn't figure out what he wanted either. The hours he spent playing basketball and thinking over his situation didn't help him either.



Outtake.jpg Bailey juggling the glasses yet not!

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Ndayeni said...

Ah, a love triangle. Should make for some interesting drama down the road. Great job with Uni, it's always the hardest to blog.