Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catherine Flylar: Catherine Plus One

Cosy Cottage.jpg Catherine: I decided to take my mothers advice and move badk to Chantilly. I bought a little cottage across the street from David and Allegra. They've been so supportive through all of this mess.

1.jpg Being on maternity leave before the baby is born has been difficult for me. I'm bored! I called Laura Becker to come over and keep me company, she's always good at cheering me up.

Sandwiches.jpg I wasn't up to cooking much so I just made sandwiches for the two of us.

Friends.jpg We talked about everything especially kids, I'm so scared about being a single Mum. I have no idea how this is going to go. Laura has helped ease my fears. I do have a lot of support here in Chantilly.

Movie Night.jpg We spent the afternoon watching cheesey romantic movies. We had a great afternoon. I was sad to see Laura go home.

snapshot_36ef4d51_d75603d8.jpg The next day was the same so I called Mum, she said she would stay with me till the baby was born.

Mum Baby.jpg It's amazing how calming my mother can be. She makes me feel like I can do anything.

Dinner with Mum.jpg Mum made dinner that night. Just her simple home made spaghetti sauce but it was just what I needed.

Taking Care.jpg Even when I was asleep I knew Mum was there watching over me. I haven't slept that well since I first found out I was pregnant.

Labor.jpg That next day I went into lobor. I was so glad Mum was there with me. I wouldn't have known what to do without her.

Baby Penny.jpg I have a little girl, I've named her Penny, she has blonde hair and brown eyes. I can't stop looking at her.

Calm.jpg I want to keep things as they are, just the two of us when everything in the house is quiet. Anything seems possible at this time.

Argue.jpg Mum was right, i had to invite Larry over to meet his daughter. His visit didn't start out well, we got into an argument before he even steped into the house.

Daddy.JPG His whole attitude changed the moment he saw his daughter. The kind loving side of Larry was there with his daughter, I hadn't see this side since I told him I was pregnant.

Difficult Dinner.jpg Mum helped ease things by staying for dinner. I wasn't ready to be alone with Larry.

Mum and Larry.jpg I went to bed as soon as I was done dinner. Mum and Larry stayed at the table talking. I'm not sure what time they both left. I'm afraid to ask Mum what the two of them talked about.

Family.jpg It was time for Penny's birthday so I had the whole family over. David and Allegra where curious to see Larry and Penny. What did Mum tell them!

Birthday Party.jpg The party went well. Everyone seemed to have a great time even I was able to relax knowing all the support I had around me.

Toddler Penny.jpg

Penny Flylar

7 neat, 9 outgoing, 7 active, 3 serious, 5 nice

Zodiac: Aries

Home from Work.JPG Penny is so loveable, I'm not sure which one of us loves the cuddles more.

Toss.jpg Everyday when I come home from work I go right to Penny's room to play with her. She squeels so loud i think all the neighbors are going to hear when I toss her in the air. Then again most of the neighbours are family or close friends.

Dancing.jpg I'm trying to teach Penny the Hula, I think she may be a little young yet but she does love to dance to the music with me.

Training.JPG I was hoping that Penny's first word would be Mummy but nope highchair. At least potty training her has been easy. I've heard horror stories about potty training.

Nursery Rhymes.jpg I figured if Penny loved to dance she would love nursery rhymes, I was right. She won't go to sleep unless we sing at least one before bed.

Walk.jpg Penny took quickly to walking... or should I say running. She's into everything these days.

blocks.jpg Mum made sure I had a play table for Penny, she told me it would keep her busy for hours, she was right.

Family Dinner.jpg Time flies with a toddler. I had the family over for Penny's birthday. Larry has been talking about getting a job here in Chantilly. I guess that would be good for Penny to have him around a bit more.

toddler Birthday.jpg Penny loved the cake and the candles but I think she liked the noise makers the best.

Penny.jpg She's an adorable little girl if I do say so myself.

David Larry.jpg I saw David talking to Larry about something serious and then Allegra came and told me they where talking about me.

Love Hug.jpg I'm not sure what David said but Larry came over and thanked me for everything I had done with Penny and gave me a big hug. I didn't know what to say, I just enjoyed the hug.

Overnight.jpg Larry and I stayed up late talking, I told him he could stay over as it was too late to drive back to the city. It was kind of nice knowing he was there asleep beside me.

Burnt Breakfast.jpg The next morning I made pancakes, I guess I was a bit distracted and they where a bit burnt. Larry didn't say a word about them but Penny had a little trouble getting them down.

Play with Dad.jpg I don't think they saw me watching them as Father and Daughter played in the front. I think Penny likes having her father around.

Mummy and Daddy.jpg I overheard Penny asking Larry why he didn't live with us like her friends parents. I don't think he wanted to answer that one.

Gardening.jpg He went outside did some gardening and then left without saying goodbye.

Hug.jpg A few days later Larry stopped by. He greeted me with a big hug but he said nothing about the other day and how he left without a word.

Lunch.jpg Penny was at school so I made Larry and me some lunch so we could talk. It was a one sided conversation. Larry seemed to be focused on his lunch and not really on the conversation.

Dance.jpg I turned on some music so we could dance, I figured if he didn't want to talk at least we could dance and not worry about it.

Carees.jpg I don't know what made me do it but I reached out my hand to Larry's face. When he put his hand up I thought he was going to push my hand away but he rubbed my arm instead.

fist kiss.jpg When we kissed my stomach was doing flip flops, I hadn't felt that way about a kiss since I was a teenager.

Engaged.jpg Larry asked me to marry him, he was so excited when I said yes it was like he thought I would say no.

Good morning.jpg That night I couldn't sleep, i kept looking at this man sleeping in my arms, my heart starts racing everytime I look at him.

Re-do.jpg When Larry moved in he did a little work rearanging the place. He moved the kitchen to the front of the house and we built up into the attic. We now have another room up there for a study.

Together.jpg Things are so different now, I can't belive that this is my life. Penny will finish her dinner as quick as she can, she love's playing video games. It gives Larry and I a little time to talk and plan our wedding.

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