Saturday, July 4, 2009

Upsnott: Boys and Moody Mum

New Home.jpg Kenneth: With Kyle and Ginger moving out of the apartment building into a house so Brittany and I decided to do the same. We found an old large farmhouse that needed a lot of work.

Kitchen.jpg We did a little bit of work on the kitchen, new cabinets and appliances and the flooring.

Master Bedroom.jpg We didn't do anything with the master bedroom. The wallpaper wasn't too bad and we're not sure if we want hardwood or carpet.

Kid's Room.jpg Anthony's room is the one we did the most work on. He picked out a space theme.

TV Room.jpg The livingroom we did a some work to aswell. We do spend a lot of time in this room.

Diana Lind.jpg Anthony and Diana Lind spend hours playing video games.

Me Me Me.jpg I have an office in which to work on my novels. I have now finished 4 novels and they are selling well. Brittany always come's in and complains, she wants to use the computer. If I'm not at the computer she doesn't want to use it.

Hunger.jpg Then she'll complain about being hungry but won't make anything, she seems think I should do all the cooking!

Dinner.jpg All Brittany can think about these day's is food. Even when we're eating her burnt dinner all she want's to talk about is food for the next day.

Food Poisoning.JPG One night Brittany got food poisoning because she just ate the food that was going bad on the kitchen counter. I just don't understand her these days.

Office.jpg We finaly had enough money to redo the office. I love my little sanctuary. Brittany isn't bugging me so much anymore when I'm working on my novels.

Birthday.jpgFor Anthony's birthday we invited my brother Kyle and my parents over. Anthony didn't want to invite any friends. We dont' see many of his friends over much anymore. I think he's embarrassed by his mother.


Anthony Upsnott

Aspiration: Family

LTW: Graduate 3 Children from College

7 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 9 playful, 1 grouchy

Zodiac: Aries

Turn Ons: Hard Worker/Good at cleaning

Turn Off: Stink

New Bedroom.jpg Anthony decided he didn't want to re-do his bedroom, instead he re-did the back bedroom which has been unfinished since we moved in.

Fixing.JPG Brittany decided she was going to save some money by fixing the dishwasher herself rather than hire someone to do it. She later decided it would be better to hire a repairman.

New bathroom.jpg We've decorated the upstairs bathroom. At least I can fix a clogged toilet, I'm actually get good at that. We seem to get a clogged toilet all the time.

Ken Reading.jpg I love the couple of hours after work when no one else is home. I get lots of reading done then.

Headmaster.jpg I had the headmaster over for dinner one night. I figuered maybe Anthony needed to go to another school where some of his friends go.

Friends.jpg Anthony and Justin Flylar have been spending lots of time together. I'm glad he seems to have more of a social life these days.

Starving.jpg I really don't get this, she'll almost starve herself before Brittany will get any food from the fridge.

Restock.jpg If I didn't call the delivery man we wouldn't have any food in the fridge. At least Brittany will put away the groceries.

Toy Store.jpg I decided to take Anthony by the Toy Store. Kyle and I have decided that he is going to take over the store for the most part. I've been spending so much time writting I didn't think it was fair on Kyle.

Meet Madison.jpg After a stop at the Toy store Anthony and I went to one of my favorite hangouts. I think Anthony likes this place too. He met Madison Mather there that day.

invite madison.jpg The next day Anthony had me invite Madison and her family over. He was too shy to ask himself. I've never known him to be shy.

Hang out.jpg Anthony and Madison went up to his room to hang out. Apparently they talked about Sim State Univeristy and there plans to go there after High School.

Flirt.jpg I think Anthony got his nerve back cause he was flirting with Madison right infront of her mother.

Kiss.jpg I even caught them making out upstairs in the hall.

Midnight Snack.jpg I think Brittany is getting better about the food, though she is eating a lot more than everbefore. I found her making a second dinner in the middle of the night.

Baby.jpg Brittany told me a couple of days later why she was always so hungry. I think this baby has started to stabalieze my very irratic wife.

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