Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nova: New Skill's

Nursery RhymesAndrew: With Bailey at school, Kerry at the shop and me at work my parents seem to have a great time at the house. Mum loves to sing nursery rhymes with Miriam and Dad has become pack leader to Darwin.

Miriam Birthday

It was soon time for Miriam's birthday, it wasn't a large party but we did have a few friends over.

MiriamMiriam had a great time at her party.

Great Party SensoredA great time was had by all. (why is it that my sims seem to be in compromising positions when the party finishes?!!)

Best FriendsBailey and Miriam where soon best of friends.

Video GamesThe love to play video games together. A little healthy competition won't do them any harm.

ExhaustedThe girls where exhausted after Miriam's party and playing all evening.

First Day of SchoolMiriam couldn't wait to get on the bus for her first day at school. She ran for the bus the moment she saw it pull up.

Homework MiriamWhen the girls got home from school Miriam immediately asked for help with her homework. She didn't want to disappoint her teachers.

Miriam ReadingIt wasn't long till Miriam found the bookcase and pinpointed all the books she wanted to read.

Bailey HomeworkBailey on the other had wasn't so enthusiastic about doing her homework. It took may tries to get her to sit down and do it.


Bailey Nova

Aspiration: Pleasure

LTW: Become Celebrity Chef

neat 5, outgoing 9, active 9, playful 10, grouchy 1

Zodiac: Gemini

Turn On’s: Cologne, Jewelry

Turn Off: Fatness

Love Sand CastlesSome things don't change when you grow up. Bailey has always loved playing in the sand and making sand castles. Now that she's a teen that hasn't changed.

Sand Castles

I never realized you could develop creative skills from making sand castles.

Giggling GirlsBailey has been spending a lot of time with her friend Tammy Holland.

New clothesTammy and Bailey went out to the shops to get Bailey a new outfit.

Make OverTammy had also given Bailey a new hairstyle.

Girl FriendsThese two might be teenagers but they still get into games like little kids.

GirlsThey are however still teens and spending all their time at home just isn't going to happen. They went to the local teen hangout Chantilly Recreation Center with a bunch of their friends. The Becker kids where part of that group. (Edward, Loren and Addison)

Darwin BirthdayThe most recent birthday was our little puppy, Darwin is now a big dog and doesn't really have any of the same colouring.

Darwin and AlabamaSince becoming an adult dog Darwin has made a new friend. Alabama is often wandering through our yard and the two dogs with play for a long time.

second floorWith everyone getting bigger and with many interests we decided to add a second story to the house. It's given us a lot more room for all our hobbies. The girls however have decided they want to share a bedroom still, it's just a fair bit bigger now.

Upset CryI don't know what happened but one day after something my mother did or said Miriam went running to her room to cry (it happened again later and both girls went running to their room but I didn't' get a photo and I don't know what Ella did or said just that they where upset with her)

No SchoolThe next morning much out of character Miriam didn't want to go to school. Dad convinced her to go and he drove her in a little late.

Adventure CareerNow that both the girls are at school Kerry has decided to follow her LTW of becoming a Space Pirate.

Greet MumMiriam dropped everything when Kerry came home that day. She couldn't wait to give her Mum a big hug.

CustomersKerry is still working on building her flower shop. It is currently a Level 3 business.

SistersBailey knew her sister had had a bad few days so she spent the next day after school playing with her till she made her squeal with laughter.

GardeningI thought it was just that Bailey was interested in gardening when she planted some tomatoes. I was wrong, she had heard from one of her friends that if your garden is really good the Gardening club will give you a wishing well.

Garden ClubIt didn't seem to take much for Bailey to get her membership to the gardening club. She also received a fair amount of money. She did not however get her wishing well.

ReadingWith all the time Bailey has spent with her friends and working on the garden she realized that her little sister was on her way to more scholarships to university than Bailey and she wasn't even a teenager yet. Bailey was determined tor rectify that situation.

Pork ChopsBailey wanted to try a new recipe she had learned for pork chops for Sunday dinner.

Sunday DinnerThe pork chops where really good. I think my Mum was a little wary of them, she played video games till we had all tried a bit. Dad finished off the rest of them when he got home from work.


jungfrun68 said...

Poor girls runnibg to their rooms! Did their parents have a fight?

Anonymous said...

I love the beach house! Also, flower shops are a lot of work, congratulations on getting to level 3