Saturday, June 6, 2009

Pitt’s : Babies Babies Babies

ReadingAiden: Fredrick loves to be read to, it doesn't really matter what is being read just as long as your reading it to him

Best Friends Freddy Jordan and Fredrick where soon best friends.

Henry BirthdayHenry's birthday was the day after Fredrick's, we figured we should invited at least the family over for this birthday.

Toddler Henry

Henry Pitts

sloppy 4, outgoing 10, lazy 2, playful 10, nice 8

Zodiac: Libra

Preg num threeAfter Henry's birthday Jordan started getting sick, I think she's pregnant again.

YepYep, Jordan's pregnant. Three wasn't really the number of kids we wanted but I'm not as worried now that the boys are a little bigger.

Boys WalkJordan and I taught the boys to walk together.

Boy's TalkThe boy's learned to talk at the same time.

PottyThe boy's where potty trained together as well.

Henry fredrikThe cutest thing happened right after the boys where potty trained, the walked over to each other and hugged.

Colour The boy's seem to want to do everything together. They love their activity table. The crayons seem to be the favorite.

Boy's BirthdayAs the boys do everything together we decided to have their birthday party together, they where only one day apart anyway. We did a little redecoration of the kids rooms, the boys pick out most of it.

Tired afteThe boy's where so tired after their party they went to bed before the party had even finished but they had a great time.

Henry and BonkersBonkers went missing for the first half of the week but he came home the day after the boys birthday (some bug in my game I guess... the cat came back the very next day!)

Friends at playMy Mum invited my Aunt Dylan over and she brought Hannah and Brandon with her to play with our boys. They love this Llama game we pulled out of the basement.

PlaygroundWhen we redecorated the upstairs we also did a few additions to the back yard. The boy's love the playground we put in.

ColinWe have another little boy to add to the family. Colin Pitts was born Friday morning. He has green eyes and red hair like his brother Fredrick.

Preg with AgainJordan is pregnant AGAIN!! we're not deliberately trying for kids but I guess we're destined for a full house. (ACR runs wild in this house, Jordan and Aiden are always disappearing together. I had forgotten that risky woohoo was incorporated in the casual woohoo)

TiredBeing pregnant and all the work with the boys is really taking a tole on Jordan, I found her asleep in her dinner plate last night.

Colin Toddler

Colin Pitts

sloppy 2, outgoing 9, active 9, playful 6, nice 7

Zodiac: Gemini

Colin TalkDespite the busy household we have I was able to teach Colin how to talk before the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, is Jordan autonomously "Trying for baby," or is all this risky woohoo at work? Either way, they've got their hands full!

Andrea said...

I've caught her a couple of times "trying for baby" I canceled the action once but then I gave up, their always at it. I considered the morning after pill but I wasn't really set in what I wanted from this household like some of the others.

ciyrose said...

This house is at least full of nice children....and lots of them apparently. That darn ACR. lol