Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flylar: Boys

snapshot_f57d5992_97135dd2Tara: The week started with Justin's birthday.

Justin Flylar
sloppy 3, outgoing 6, active 7, playful 10, grouchy 1
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Justin Walk Abigail has been teaching Justin how to walk. Now of course he's into everything.

Play DeadI've been spending a lot of time with the dogs teaching them tricks. Playing Dead is my favorite.

Bathe I never would have thought that I would love spending time with my son bathing him.

Colour Justin loves to draw, he spends lots of time with his Crayons.

Tuck InMy Mum loves her grandson. She often is the one who tucks him in at night.

DinnerAbigale and I try to have breakfast together. If we're luck we even get a little time just the two of us.

Potty TroublePotty training was not as easy as teaching Justin to walk. He REALLY didn't want to use the potty.

Potty Getting ThereAbigale is pregnant again. We went back to Dr Harris so we could have another child. Abigale asked if I wanted to carry the next child but I don't think I want to go through all of that hormone rush.

Potty TrainedFinaly I was able to get Justin to use the potty. I think it took three sim days!

Nursery RhymesWith Abigale being pregnant and at home she has time to do the fun stuff with Justin. She taught him some nursery rhymes the other day.

LoborAbigale went into labor very early one morning. My Dad was walking passed our room when he heard her even before her moans woke me up.

JacobWe have another little boy. Jacob has more of Abigale's colouring, brown hair and eyes.

FamilyThe whole house was thrilled to welcome our little Jacob.

CuddleEven with a toddler and an newborn Abigale and I have been able to find some time alone together.

FriendsJustin has found a new friend in Coco. I think he's felt a little left out with Jacob getting so much attention.

Justin sleepingI guess we where spending a little less time on Justin as one afternoon I found Justin asleep on one of the dog beds.

Jacob's BirthdayJustin and Jacob's birthday's fell on the same day so we had a big party for the both of them, though I think it was more for Justin than Jacob.

JustinJustin is very much a Flylar, he has the nose and the blonde hair from my mother and I.

Jacob Toddler

Best FriendsI think I'm better with older children. Justin and I became best of friends over the silliest of games. Red Hands and Rock Paper Scissors.

Relaxing Hot TubAbigale and I managed to sneak away during the party for some quality time in the hot tub.

Roof RaiserThe party was a great one, a real roof raiser.

Jacob WalkMy Dad has really stepped in with Jacob. It didn't take him long to teach Jacob to walk.

Easier to Potty TrainHe even had no problem potty training him either wouldn't you know.

Cuddle with GranWhat's better then a cuddle from your grandmother. Jacob love's it.

Justin Gardening Justin has gotten into everything. He's not happy with the garden so he's taken charge of that.

Justin BoxingHe's loving the punching bag. We've moved it up into the attic room that we recently finished. I like it a lot more than the basement.

Chemistry SetHe calls this his grown up chemistry set. I'm not sure what he's been making I just hope it's not poisonous.

Kids at PlayJustin and Jacob seem to be getting along really well. Justin has introduced Jacob to the crayons, though Jacob seems to like chewing on them more than drawing with them.

SingingJacob also has been singing nursery rhymes to Jacob. It's nice to see them getting along so well

Sunday BrunchSunday morning I decided it was time for pancakes. We haven't had a big family Sunday brunch in a long time.

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