Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lind: Cozy Little Family

SleepingSarah: I love to go into Diana's room when she's asleep and watch her. She's so peaceful.

TalkWith Korey out at work in the evening Diana and I worked on a few things. She learned to talk.

WalkI taught her to walk, she also learned to us the potty but I didn't want to take photo's of that.

FriendsWe often have friends over. Korey works the evening and I had a day off so I invited Beverly Fuchs and she brought her friend Jerome Jones too.

Late night dinnerI always leave some leftovers in the fridge for Korey when he gets home late from the hospital.

StargazingKorey will often spend a lot of time looking at the sky.

NOOne evening I was given the most unusually proposal. She wanted to set me up on a blind date!! Did she not realize that I'm happily married and have an daughter?!!! I tried to be as polite as I could when I said no.

Birthday Party The next day we had a birthday party for Diana. We invited my immediate family and my closest friends form College days.

Diana ChildDiana is a very cute little girl if I do say so myself.

REallyREALLY!!! That is the third party that the host is in the midst of woohoo when the party finishes.

Make BedThe next morning the first thing Diana did was make her bed.

BreakfastKorey and I decided to send Diana off to her first day of school with a special breakfast of pancakes. I hope she doesn't think that she'll get this everyday.

First Day of SchoolWhen the bus arrived Diana ran out the door, she almost forgot her winter coat she was so excited.

StudyWith Diana at school and me at work Korey had some time to catch up on his medical reading, it's been a busy few days.

SnowmanKorey thought that Diana would love to come home to a snowman on the front lawn. I'm not so sure about it being a devil snowman.

CoachThat day I got promoted to Coach!! I'm on my way to Hall of Famer.

HomeworkWhen Diana got home she went right to her room to do her homework. We'll see how long this lasts, I'm sure she will get tired of homework soon enough.

Welcome HomeKorey made it home before Diana's bed time, she came running out of the house to give him a big hug. She really love's her Daddy.

HeadmasterWe decided to get Diana into private school, unfortunatley the headmaster came when Korey was on his way out to work. This didnt' seem to matter as he did accept Diana into Chantilly Academy.

FamilyOn the weekend we invited the family and some friends over. Laura and I challenged Korey and Jason to a game of pool. The ladies won of course.

Sunday GamesAiden brought his boys over to play with Diana and they spent the afternoon playing a very rowdy game of Don't Wake the Llama. Everyone had a great day.

It seems to be going around. We didn't plan to have a second child but I'm pregnant again. Diana things it's great.New CarKorey had been wanting a car for a long time so with a baby on the way I told him he could get a sedan that we would all fit into. When he makes Cheif of Staff he can have his sports car. We got a black Ford Fusion, I love it.

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