Monday, June 22, 2009

Becker #1: Changes

Retire.JPGKeith: My parent's have finally decided to retire. They wanted to spend more time with eachother and the family.

snapshot_557d6f61_9740f7b6.jpg Holly has been promoted again, she finally decided to take a job in the education field.

Flirt.jpg My parents have always been afectionate but latly they have been more so.

Cuddle.jpg I came home to find the two of them cuddling on the couch, by the looks of it after a workout.

Yoga.jpgThey have been doing a lot of yoga lately. Holly and I really should join them, it would be good for us.

Dinner.jpg It's been difficult but we try to ead dinner together as one big famiy.

Annaversary Party.jpg My parents hosted an annaversary party. Like all parties at this house it was a great one.

Friends Noogie.jpg The girls really are teenagers, I often don't understand them. One minute their best friends the next their picking on eachother.

Edward TOC.jpg Edward has been doing well at his part time job. He was promoted and has reached the top of his career path.

Faith Grim.jpg I guess it didn't really come as a surprise but Grim came for my Mum one night.

Sneak Out.jpgAddison was so upset when she snuck out with Bailey Nova I didn't say a word. I figured she needed to get out and deal with her grief in her own way.

Keith Grim.jpgThe next day Grim came again for my Dad. They both lead a long fun filled life but it's still sad all the same.

Talk School.jpg Holly and Edward have been talking a lot about his going to Sim State University.

Edward Study.jpgWhen he's not at work he spends a lot of time studying. He really want's to get as many scholarships as he can.

Edward.jpg Edward may be the most responsible of my children but he still is a teenager. I just laugh when I see him flexing in the mirror.

Loren Date.jpg Loren has been spending a lot of time with one boy Benjamin Ying

Crush.jpgTheir not going steady but I can tell he has a real crush on Loren.

Addison Gardening.jpg Addison has been spending a lot of time in the greenhoues. She now has a silver badge in gardening.

Girls Lunch.JPGHolly love's haveing loads of girls in the house. She often invites the Nova girls overm Bailey will be joining Edward when he goes to Sim State.

snapshot_557d6f61_3742b92b.jpg The end of the week saw Edward on his way to Sim State University and a new dorm that just opened up there.

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