Monday, June 22, 2009

Nova: Teenage Girls


Miriam love to play Don't Wake the Llama's, she'll always have a friend come over after school with her, it's often Jacob Flylar.

Girls Study.jpg
The girls are so good about doing their homework, though I think it's more Miriam pushing it and Bailey going along so as not to look the bad one.

We discussed Miriams birthday plans, she didn't want a party just a family dinner.


Miriam Nova

Aspiration: Knowledge

LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon

5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful, 1 grouchy

Zodiac: Gemini

Turn On's: swim wear/custom hair

Turn Off: fatness

Bailey Cook.jpg Bailey wanted to cook Miriam's birthday dinner. She wanted it to be something special.

Late Night Pool.jpgI'm not sure how late the girls stayed up that night. When I went to be they where playing pool.

Retire.JPG My parent's have decided that it was time to retire. I can't say I'll be dissapointed not to see my Mother in her work uniform. I much prefered it when she was a professional rock star.

Feed Dog.jpg Bailey is very good about doing some of the chores around the house. She always makes sure Darwin has food and that the kitchen is clean but she won't go anywhere near the bathrooms.

Rocker.jpg Though Bailey's goal is to become the Hand of Poseidon she does have some of her grandmother in her.

Boys.jpg Bailey always has a group of boys around her.

Baily Boys.jpg I found her one night fooling around in the hot tup with one of the boys.

Miriam Juan.jpg I was even more surprised when I found Miriam in the hot tub with Justin Flylar.

Headmaster.jpgKerry has decided now that the girls are in High School they should really be going to Chantilly Academy.

Best Friends.jpg The one boy that seems to be around the most is Juan St Julien. They are best friends and do everything together.

Girls after school.jpg When the house isn't full of teenage boys it's full of teenage girls.

Makeover.JPG Bailey decided that no mater how much she liked Juan she wasn't all that fond of his goth makeup so she gave him a makeover. I think he looks a lot better.

Silver Garden.jpg Miriam has been working hard on the garden, she now has a silver badge in gardening.

Darwin.jpgWith the girls so busy with there friends Kerry and I have made it a point to spend more time with Darwin.

Fetch.jpg Kerry will spend hours playing fetch with Darwin. He loves the attention.

sleepy dog.jpg By the end of the evening Darwin is often the first one to head to bed. Kerry really wears him out with their games of fetch.

Pirate.jpg Miriam loves Kerry's Pirate uniform. She was determined to capture her mothers image.

Picture.jpg Miriam did a fantastic job on the portrait she painted.

snapshot_d593d22e_b747f05e.jpg Miriam and my Mother have been spending lot's of time together. They are best of friends.

LTW.jpg Kerry came home with a promotion to the top of her career and LTW Space Pirate.

Toast.jpg My parent's celebrated their Golden Anniversary. The girls loved the champagne.

Party.jpg Everyone had a great time, even the girls despite all the "old people".

Sunday morning.jpg We had a nice family breakfast the morning that Bailey was headed to Sim State Univeristy.

Bailey Uni.jpg I can't believe that my little girl is off to University. She will be joining Edward Becker at the new dorm.

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ciyrose said...

Bailey is a very pretty girl. Good luck to her in uni.