Monday, June 22, 2009

Flylar: A New Path

Retire.jpgTara: My father has started the work week by retiring. Mum has finally convinced him that it's time to do something other than be a cult leader.

Justin Tara.jpgJustin and I have become a little addicted to video games. I think Justin's goal is to beat me at every game. I do however win a few games.

Reading.jpg While Justin and I spend hours playing video games Abigail finds some time to herself to read.

Justin Anthony.jpgJustin has been spending time with friends. There is always someone coming home from school with him.

Justin Tamara.jpgTamara Newson often comes over as well but I think she spends more time with the dogs.

Daniel.jpgBrandon Becker and Justin love to spend hours bowling in the basement.

Dancing.jpgIt was party time again at the Flylar house. I don't know why we all ended up dancing in the front hall but we did.

Birthday.jpgJacob's birthday found all the family over at our house. It's really good to see my brother and sister with everything that they have been going through.

Jacob.jpgJacob defiantly takes after Abigail. He's got her hair and eyes but the Flylar nose seems to be a dominant feature.

Makeover.jpgWe decided to redecorate the boys bedroom. They could have their own bedrooms if they wanted but they seem to like sharing a room.

Hug.jpgJacob was so excited about his first day at school he couldn't wait till I got home. I love it that the boys are now children and not toddlers, I have so much more fun with them now.

Headmaster.jpgWe decided with both the boys now in school we should get them enroled in Chantilly Academy.

Chantilly Academy.jpgWith her charm it wasn't hard for Abigail to convince the Headmaster to let them into private school.

First Day.jpgJacob was really excited about going to Chantilly Academy. Justin just viewed it as another day at school, time to socialize.

Study.jpgI was so surprised, I came home from work and the boy's where in the living room studying.

Diana Lind.jpgThe boy's still love their games, bowling has become the popular thing in the neighbourhood. Sara Lind was over the other night to play with the boys.

Dogs.jpgMum has been spending a lot of time with the dogs. She's been training them to do all number of tricks.

Painting.jpgAbigail has finished the portrait of me. I think I need to add some lighting to it, it's in a dark corner of the living room.

Grim.jpgGrim came for Abby the other day. I knew she was getting older but I don't think any of us realized how close to the end she was.

Abby.jpgThe dog's spend the rest of the day howling. I guess that's their way of mourning.

Small Dinner.jpgMum was so upset about Abby that it was just he four of us for dinner. Dad was comforting her that evening. It was nice to just have Abigail and the boys all to myself.

Boy's Games.jpgJustin has introduced Jacob into the world of video games. The would forget about everything else if I didn't remind them there was more in the world than video games.

Ethan Stay Fit.jpgDad has realized that as he gets older he needs to keep active. He's been spending a lot of time in the home gym riding the bike.

snapshot_f57d5992_b7455730.jpgAbigail has been spending a lot of time with Jan. They where soon best friends. Abigail had always been curious about the world of witchcraft.

snapshot_f57d5992_174557ed.jpgAbigail had Jan teach her the path of light. She was thrilled when it happened.

Arrive Home.jpgWe where all surprised when Abigail arrived home on a broomstick.

Whitches Lair.JPGI figured that Abigail should have her own space so we built a little shed in the back where she could but her spell book and cauldron. She is also able to lock the door so the boys can't get in.

Roll Over.jpgI've been working with Coco on her skills for work. I think Mum is appreciative of the help with all the work she's been doing with the other dogs.

Justin Birthday.jpg Birthday time for Justin. He didn't want a big party so we just had a few friends and family over


Justin Flylar

Aspiration: Fortune

LTW: Become Hall of Famer

3 sloppy, 6 outgoing, 7 active, 10 playful, 1 grouchy

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Turn On’s: fitness/underwear

Turn Off: stink

Best Friends.jpgJustin has been spending time with a few of the girls in the neighborhood. He is best friends with Opal Raymond.

Play.jpgJustin is still really good with his brother. He'll often play with Jacob and Tamara in the backyard.

Funny.jpgThe strange places the dogs go to nap.

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