Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Becker #2: Dancing and Dating

Ladies home alone.jpg Jason: When it's just my Mum and Laura at home they will spend house playing pool.

Play.jpg Daniel and my Dad love to dance and their making sure that Hannah and Brandon do to.

Retire.JPG As with many of their friends my parents have decided it was time to retire.


Hannah Becker

Aspiration: Popularity

LTW: Become Hall of Famer

5, neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful, nice 5

Zodiac: Gemini

Turn On’s: fitness/hard worker

Turn Off: red hair

Justin.jpgHannah didn't have a party, she just wanted to get on with being a teenager. She was soon best friends with Justin Flylar.

Flirt.jpg Hannah doesn't waste time if there is something she want's she goes for it. Spending time with Justin was what Hannah wanted.

Going steady.jpg I wasn't surprised when Justin and Hannah started going steady.

TOC1.jpg Daniel has made top of the Education track for teens. He know's this will help him with his scholarships.

Study.JPG Daniel is very good about getting his siblings to study with him. I just hope they keep that up when he goes of to Sim State.

Daniel Garden.jpgDaniel still loves to work in the green house. He now has a silver badge in gardening.

Headmaster.jpg I figured the kids should really be going to Chantilly Academy. It didn't take much to convince the Headmaster to let them in.

Ewww.jpg I don't think Daniel really appretiates how affectionate Laura and I are. Maybe it was just that we where in his bedroom.

Edward.jpg Daniel and Edward Becker have been spending a lot of time talking about Sim State University. I think their both really looking forward to it.

Daniel Evan.jpg My Dad loves spending time with the kids. He and Daniel will often jam well into the night.

play with evan.jpg Brandon and my Dad love to dance. It doesn't really seem to matter where they are.

Hannah Addison.jpg Hannah has become best friends with Addison Becker. They have their plans for when their turn comes to go to Sim State Univeristy.

stargazing.jpg Hannah, when she's not in the green house loves to stargaze, she's found a new constilation recently.

last day of school.jpgIt was Daniel's last day at High School. I just had to get one picture of them all in their unifoms.

Birthday Paty.jpg The weekend saw Brandon's birthday. We invited many of his friends over and some family as well.


Brandon Becker

Aspiration: Romance

LTW: Woohoo with 20 different sims

5, neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful, nice 5

Zodiac: Gemini

Turn On's: custom hair/creative

Turn Off: jewelry

Loren Hot.jpg Daniel had a great party. I think he really likes Hannah's friend Miriam Nova.

Daniel Uni.jpg The end of the weekend saw Danile headed off to University. My kids are getting so big.