Friday, June 12, 2009

Newson: Family

Talk of KidsKyle: Ginger and I have been talking a lot about the toy store. Things are going well at the store but there are some problems.

Toy StoreAs far as the business things are going really well. It's now a level 4 business.

Making ToysKen is coming into work at the store but not always when he say's he will. He's often late and always seems distracted and even though we live in the same building I never see him and Brittany.

Best FriendsWith everything at work I have also been busy at home. Potty training Tamara hasn't been as difficult as some of our friends have said it was.

Mum Best FriendTamara and Ginger spend so much time together it's not surprising that they are the best of friends.

WalkGinger has taught Tamara how to walk. How did I get stuck with the potty.

Girl TalkGinger has taught her how to talk. It was amazing to come home from work and my little girl came crawling over yelling DADDY DADDY!!!

LabourIt was just after Ginger had put Tamara down for the night that she went into labour.

StewartWe now have a little boy to add to the family. Stewart has black hair and brown eyes just like his Mum. He does have my nose, at least I think so, Ginger say's we both have the same nose so he has her nose.

It was soon time for Tamara's birthday, we had my parents over and invited my brothers but only Kevin showed up. I'm not sure why Ken didn't show.

Great PartyTamara had a great time. She love's being a child rather than a toddler.

PlayTamara couldn't wait to try out the playground out back of our building. She spend the whole evening out there. It took a lot to get her to come in when it got dark.

PaintingGinger surprised me when I came home from work. She had finished the portrait she was painting for me.

Thing have been so busy and we had just had a party for Tamara so when it came to Stewart's birthday it was just the four of us.


Stewart Newson

6 neat, 4 outgoing, 9 active, 6 playful, 1 grouchy

Zodiac: Scorpio

Best Friends StewartThere's something special about having a son. Stewart and I are best friends.

TalkI decided i wasn't going to be stuck only teaching Stewart about the potty. I taught Stewart how to talk. His favorite word is Bottle... I think he's going to like his food.

Play with DianaAfter school one day Tamara had Diana Lind over. The two of them spent all their time in the playground till Diana had to go home.

FamilyWe're quite the family for working on our skills.

CookAt work I had looked at our finances and I had an idea. So when the kids where in bed I cooked dinner for Ginger and me so we could talk it over.

House TalkI don't usually cook dinner so Ginger was intrigued. I told her that the apartment was getting a little small for us and the whole idea of being closer to Ken wasn't really happening. I had taken a look at the online house listings and I had found three houses that I thought we should take a look at. All we had to do was decide which one would suit us best and not break the bank.

House 1

House #1

House 2

House #2

House 3

House #3


jungfrun68 said...

I vote for house no 3, it looks the cosiest!

ciyrose said...

House 3, House 3!!! 1 is good too, but I love the 3rd House. It suits this family perfectly! :)