Friday, June 5, 2009

Becker #2: Birthdays

Going To SchoolJason: Daniel just love's to go to school, I don't understand this. Andrew say's it's the same with his daughter Miriam. Strange children.

Great GradesIt wasn't long till Daniel was top of his class and getting A+ on everything.

Hannah Favorite toyAt the moment Hannah's favorite things is her xylophone

Bestfriends DadIt wasn't long till I was best friends with Hannah, she's such a sweet little girl.

FixWith all of the kids birthday's coming us Laura decided that she needed to fix things around the house rather than hire someone to do it.

Brandon toddler

Brandon Becker

5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful, nice 5

Zodiac: Gemini

Child Hannah Hannah is now a child.

Daniel BirthdayThen Daniel became a teenager.

Daniel Teen

Daniel Becker

Aspiration: Fortune

LTW:Become Education Minister

5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful, nice 5

Zodiac: Gemini

Turn On’s: fitness/custom hair

Turn Off: fatness

FriendsDaniel's first day at High School he brought home a new friend Bella, I think he liked her a lot but she didn't respond well to his attempts at flirting.

Daniel AloneAfter his failure at flirting Daniel seemed to spend a lot more time alone playing the piano and reading books.

Bestfriends GranHannah and my Mum have spent a lot of time together they where soon best friends.

Daddy HomeI love it how Hannah drops everything when I come home to give me a hug.

Brandon TalkLaura has been teaching Brandon how to talk, now he talk's a mile a minute.

Brandon Favorite ToyWhen left on his own, Brandon loves to play with the bunny.

Brandon WalkMy Dad has been teaching Brandon how to walk, he loves to run around the house now.

Turkey DinnerOne night when Daniel was cooking his friend Bailey Nova told him what a great cook he was. She told him he should enter one of the cooking contests.

Cooking contestThe next day he went to Sue's Secret Kitchen and entered his pork chops into the contest

WinDaniel won the contest. It was a real boost to his ego.

GardeningHannah has been expanding our garden and growing vegetables, she really wanted to be a part of the Garden Club but she's too young. Laura called a representative and had them look around the garden. The loved all the work that had been done and immediately gave us a membership.

Blind DateDaniel had built up enough nerve to try calling the gypsy for a blind date.

MaralynMarlyn and Daniel got along really well but she wasn't interested in his flirting any more than Bella had.

What WhyI really don't understand and teenage girls. When Daniel said goodbye to Maralyn they ended up making out. ?????

Brandon birthdayIt was Brandon's birthday again. I can't believe how quickly time passes.

Brandon ChildBrandon went right for the cake and the nearest seat.

DancingBrandon seems to have developed the same love of dancing that my Mother has.

BrothersDaniel decided to introduce Brandon to his favorite game of chess.

CookingDaniel is always trying out new recipes on us. He's getting really good at cooking.

Fammly LunchA family lunch of chili con carne made by Daniel was really good.

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