Saturday, May 30, 2009

Becker #1: Teaching and Growing

Kids HomeworkKevin: Thankfully the twins seem to follow their brother in there willingness to do their homework. They will often go right to the study to do their homework so they can spend the rest of the evening playing.

Teach EdwardThe whole family has chipped in to teach the kids the skills they need to do well at college. Mum spends lots of time with Edward and the surgical station. He was a little grossed out at first but he seems to have gotten over that.

Teach LorenHolly has been working with Loren. I'm not so sure I want my children to be good a lieing but this lie detector station does seem to help with their charisma.

Teach AddisonI think my father agrees with me that the podium is a better way to teach the children charisma. He's been working with Addison with her public speaking.

Edward is now a teen!


Edward Becker
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Become Hand of Poseidon
neat 7, outgoing 9, active 9, playful 9, grouchy 1
Zodiac: Aries
Turn on's: glasses, charismatic
Turn off: Stink

Family DinnerEdward didn't want a large party, just a nice family dinner with the household.

Party clean up The kids are so good, even Edward helped clean up after his birthday dinner.

Edward CarEdward wanted a car, we could easily buy him one but we agreed that it would be better to buy him a fixer upper. He's spending a lot of time in the garage working on it.

Edward cookingEdward has also been helping out in the kitchen, not just with the cleaning but the cooking as well.

Edward Piano I think Edward is gunning for lots of scholarships, he's spending a lot of time playing the piano.

Family gardeningOne of the favorite hobbies of the family is working in the green house. Holly and my Mum decided to introduce Edward to it.

Edward Garden BronzeIt wasn't long till Edward had earned his bronze badge.

HeadmasterHolly realized that we had been a little negligent in our children's education. She invited the headmaster over for dinner to talk about the three of them going to Private School.

InterestingSomething happend on the headmasters visit that I had never seen before.

Headmaster HotEven more surprising was that the headmaster got into the hottub with my parents fooling around in to.

Loren IsaiahOur family has lots of friends who are often over at our place. Loren is often playing with her friend Isaiah Gavign.

FriendsHolly always has at least one of the girls over, with Ginger very pregnant and not much that she can do she's the one who is most often at our place.

Brothers PoolMy brothers often come over, I love to kick their butts at pool and poker. I guess getting their business up and going doesn't really leave them much time to improve their game.

Twins Birthday CakeMy little girls are getting bigger.

Twins BirthdayUnlike their brother they wanted a big party. All the family came round for this one.

Teen Twins

Addison Becker

Aspiration: Popularity

LTW: Become Celebrity Chef

neat 7, outgoing 9, active 4, playful 9, grouchy 1

Zodiac: Taurus

Turn On's: Fitness, Logical

Turn Off: Cologne

Loren Becker

Aspiration: Pleasure

LTW: 50 1st Dates

neat 7, outgoing 9, active 9, playful 9, grouchy 1

Zodiac: Aries

Turn On’s: Formal Wear, Hard Worker

Turn Off: Stink

SistersThe girls still get along really well but there seems to be a little more of a competitive streak in it now.

SiblingsEdward seems to be happy to join in the sibling rivalry. I think he gets more amusement out of picking on Loren though.

Grandad Teach Cooking

My Dad found out that Addison want's to be a celebrity chef so he decided to introduce her and Loren all his favorite cooking show's.

SneakI know it should bother me a little more that I saw Edward sneaking out with his friend Gavin but he's usually so well behaved. I thought maybe I would wait up till he got home and talk with him then.

Sneak InIt was only a few hours later that Edward came home and by then I thought as long as he get's up in time for school I would leave this one alone.

Poker with grandparents and Gavin

As I've said before our house is usually filled with friends. Ella and Castor are often over and poker is alway the game of choice. Edward and Gavin where happy to join in. They say it's important for them to be good at poker before they go to Sim State, I think Ella has been telling them stories about our family history at Sim State.

Late Night PokerPoker is something we all got into at College, one night I couldn't sleep and went downstairs to find my Dad and Holly playing a game.


M.McMillan said...

Nice presentation. I like the way you reminded us of their personality points when they became teenagers. It saves me looking them up.

Anonymous said...

Addison and Loren are quite a handful--popularity and pleasure, with 1 grouchy!

I've never seen that headmaster in the hot tub thing either. Interesting. Now I'm wondering if you just have to have one around for him to get in it or not. (I wouldn't be surprised if none of my families that have had him over have ever had one)

Edward is going to be ready to make a fortune, with all the skills he's racking up :-)