Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sim State University: Cupiditas Domus Twin Trouble

I have recently added ACR to my sims game, I thought it would make Catherine a little more fun (it has) David went and screwed up my plans for him at his graduation party! It was fun all the same.

Poker Night

Frequent poker games are a mainstay at the Greek House. Always have been, always will be.

Sad News

When Catherine got off the phone with her mum with the new's of their Grandmothers passing both her and David where in shock.

Lunch with Friends Lunch the next day with their friends was a little more sedate than usual.

Source of Dates

Catherine decided that in order to accomplish her LTW she would need a little help. Enter Matchmaker with lots of Cheap dates.

Vasyl Das

Vasyl Das

Joe Raymond

Joy Raymond

Kelly Kiss

Catherine wasn't really interested in dating the ladies but Kelly was very persistent


Troy Fratster

Troy Fratster

Adam Seavey

Adam Seavey

Amin Kwa

Amin Kwa

Count Berjes Nanale

Count Berjes Nanale

Orlando Pasang

Orlando Pasang

Martin Ruben

Martin Ruben


David finally had to get help, it was one thing for Catherine to be dating lot's of guys, nothing serious there but ON THE SOFA!!!!!


David had a pow wow dinner with his friend Frances. At the end of dinner Frances said he would talk with Catherine and see what he could work out.

Best Friends

David never knew what Frances had said to Catherine but she seemed to be spending a little more time getting to know the guys she had been dating. She was a popularity sims after all not a romance sim.

Book Vacation

Catherine decided that they needed a long weekend away so she booked David, Lexie and her a 3 day getaway to Twiikii Island.

Check In

The flight to the island wasn't long and then David got them all checked in.


David and Lexie went right to the room to relax and unwind after the flight.


Catherine thought she would leave them to their lounging and try out the spa. She started with the sauna. Catherine could feel the tension of school and everything just melt away with all the steam.


Next Catherine figured she was ready for hot stone massage.

Social Hot Springs

The plan was to meet up with David and Lexie in the Hot Springs but they where nowhere to be found when she got there. That was ok, there were lot's of people to socialize with.


David soon showed up and the twins took their time talking with everyone. David wasn't as social as Catherine but he still liked to mingle in a crowed.


When Lexie did appear she had gotten herself a makeover. She decided it was time to cut off all the long locks.

Zeeshan Sims

Catherine couldn't keep from at least one date while on vacation and Zeeshan Sims was more than happy to oblige.


The second night they where on the island David planned a special evening for him and Lexie. They went to watch the sunset at the beach.


Just before sunset David got down on one knee and proposed to Lexie. She squeeled with delight and said yes.

Swim sea

What was there for Catherine to do at the beach.... swim!


Swiming alone only lasted so long for Catherine, time to get back to the socializing.


Catherine even spend time socializing with the Pirate ghost.

Fire Danceing

On their last full day on the island Catherine decided it was worth taking lessons on how to do the fire dance. By the end of the lesson she was quite good at it.


Worn out by the lessons Catherine decided to get a few last rays before heading back to the real world of classes and term papers.

Going Home

A short but much needed and eventful weekend was had by all three.


When they got back to the Greek house Lexie went right back to work on her term paper, she was grumbling about wasted time and having to finish....


Catherine figured she needed to add a little more variety of things to her life not just dating and school work. Time to get back into the garden.


She figured the greenhouse had stood empty too long and she was going to plant strawberries. Then it would be time to try a little more dating.

Ravi Straight

Ravi Stright



Alvin McMillan

Alvin McMillan

Larry McArthur
Larry McArthur

Mitch Wolosenko

Mitch Wolosenko

Allegra Hot

Graduation time came all too soon. Lot's of old friends from their dorm life came to celebrate. David had forgotten how much he had liked Allegra.


David was just having fun and a little light flirting with Allegra but Lexie didn't like it.


Allegra gave David a hug and apologized for any trouble she might have caused him with Lexie.


David started to think that maybe it had been more of a crush he had had on Allegra but he had to set things straight with Lexie, he did love her after all.


Lexie had gone and done something David never expeted... she had gone and woohooed with Kacper Jitmakusol in the photo booth!! All David had done was a little flirting.

KissDavid decided it was worth the opertunity and at the end of the party took Allegra into his arms and kissed her thourally.

David Leaving

David then went right to the taxie wating to take him back to Chantilly. He didn't know what he was going to do but he had to get away from the ladies.

Catherine Leaving

A little while later Catherine hopped into a cab but this one was headed for Downtown. Catherin was determined to have a little fun before she settled down and getting a flat in the downtown area was just what she wanted. Catherin did have 32 first dates under her belt.. only18 to go.


jungfrun68 said...

A broken engagement!
ACR is fun, but sometimes unpredictable it seems...

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow! 32 dates, no wonder Catherine needed to unwind and get those massages! I really need ACR again, look at all the "fun" my simmies are missing! Lexie got her revenge, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ACR does add this extra dimension, doesn't it, totally makes new drama and makes playing so much more fun!