Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pitts: New Kind of Family

MarriedLike many in our family Jordan and I decided to have a big wedding at the local church with all of our friends and family around us.

Wedding CakeI thought about smearing the cake all over Jordan's face but I realized if I did I would have to pay for it later.

Wedding ToastThe party didn't go a late as some of the wedding's we had been to recently but I don't know if I could have stayed up that late. I'm glad the toast's didn't go on and on.

Family MealMum had a birthday without telling any of us, she became and elder without any ceremony. We did manage to get her to sit down with the family to a nice meal.

TinkeringBeing the knowledge sim she is Jordan bought an old beat up car in order for her to fix it up. She's always in the garage working on it.

DemotedI guess that all the tinkering in the garage didn't help Jordan's work performance, she got demoted the other day.

StargazingI decided to buy a second telescope so Jordan and I could stargaze together. At first it was a lot of fun.

AbductionOne night however I was taken by alien's, no one would have believed me but the family was all there when I was returned to the ground with a thud.

Playing with ButterfliesBonkers has worked his way up the pet carrier path and now like to spend his time playing outside. Last time I saw him he was trying to catch butterflies.

FriendsBecause Jordan and I are both knowledge sims we often neglect our friends for skill building so we decided to have a few friends over for dinner. It's nice to catch up, also it doesn't hurt the work situation.

BabyJordan is pregnant, we're both looking forward to this new phase in our lives.

Catch up with friendsWith Jordan being unable to go to work she instead spent much of her time on the phone with friends.

SleepyI thought Jordan would be able to relax more with being at home all the time but I think she's being spending it in the garage with her car. One night I found her asleep in her dinner.

AlienPregnantWe discovered that I had been left with something more than just the experience of going to outer space. Jordan and I are both pregnant... I didn't think guy's could get pregnant. Jordan thinks it's funny. I'm not so sure.

Burnt TurkeyJordan thought she would try her hand at making a turkey the other day. She was really disappointing when she over cooked it. It wasn't that bad she just needs to work on her cooking skills.

LabourJordan went into labour in the bathroom. It seems to be a trend in Chantilly.

Baby FredrickThat night we welcomed Fredrick into our family. He has green eyes and red hair.

HenryThe next day I went into labour and we welcomed our second child into the family, Henry Pitts.

BirthdayTime really does fly when your busy. Fredrick had a quiet birthday, just the family.

Fredrik Toddler
Fredrick Pitts
2 sloppy, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 6 playful, 7 nice
Zodiac: Gemini

PlayingThe first thing Fredrick wanted to do was play with the crayons.

TrainingJordan went right to work with Fredrick. She taught him to walk and started to potty train him. Quite the eventful week at the Pitts household.

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