Monday, April 6, 2009

Upsnott: Apartment Living

Wedding Kenneth: When Brittany and I moved into our apartment we decided to have a small wedding at our home. Just my brothers came to the ceremony.Socializing with Friends Brittany being the social person she was went right to work on making friends with our neighbours.Noisy neighboursUnfortunately Brittany didn’t get along with all of the neighbours. One of them was a bit on the noisy side. Brittany decided that was the one neighbour she was going to work on the most.What a job While Brittany was being social I found a job in order to bring in money so Kyle and I could open our toy shop.toy bench We decided that for now Brittany wouldn’t get a job but rather she would work on her toy making skills.Stargazing Brittany also loved to look at the night sky. She had seen the telescope over at Kyle and Gingers and had to have on.Skills I had to work on a few skill’s myself. I was never one for public speaking so I was working on my charisma in order to get my next promotion.Pregnant A little while after Ginger told us she was pregnant Brittany had similar news to share. I’m not sure what kind of father I’m going to be. People seem to think that I can be mean sometimes.Breakfast With Brittany well into her pregnancy she’s always hungry. We do manage to get a lot sorted out over our meals though. Kyle and I are almost at a point where we can start our Shop.Labour Brittany went into labour when I was out at work one day. She wasn’t too worried as she had talked it all over with Ginger after Tamara was born.Anthony Our little boy takes after his mother more than me. He has black hair and brown eyes.Family When I came home that night I couldn’t believe how excited I was to meet my little boy. It really does change a person.


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

How are you liking Brittany? I've never played her, I'm interested to see how her kids turn out.

Anonymous said...

that neighbor noise in apartments drives me nuts! Does it help to complain? I remade most of my units, unless they were cheap, where they had closets or double walls, after one of my apartment sims had such trouble with the neighbors' noise.

ciyrose said...

I had never seen a black baby symbol before...that was interesting. Sounds like the family is doing well so far....we'll see how he is as a dad.