Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lind: New Start, Old House

snapshot_36d3dfd4_d6e6a96dSarah: Korey really did have a surprise for me when we got home from our honeymoon. I had always liked the idea of living on the beach and I remembered the Nova’s first beach house. Korey had bought that house and done some renovations on it in order to suit our needs. Not much was done to the main floor just some painting. The second floor he had totally renovated. I love it!

HomeOur first morning home I tried to make pancakes, they didn’t turn out so well but Korey didn’t seem to mind.

I got right in there with the athletics carrier and Korey decided that it was time to switch from being a Professional Party guest to his real dream of becoming Chief of Staff.

Girl Friends I invited Tara and Abigail over to see the new house. We spend most of the time talking and watching TV.

Skilling Korey and I are both determined to make it to the top of our careers. You’ll often find us working away on our skills after work.

Am I I woke up one morning feeling really sick, I thought I had eaten something bad at dinner the night before.

snapshot_36d3dfd4_16e224f3Having a bubble bath seemed to sort things out. It’s amazing what a bubble bath can do for you.

Pregnant i guess I was wrong about the food poisoning. I’m pregnant and Korey went gaga over the news. I never really thought Korey would be the all in there kind of Dad.

Reading Work told me to take some time off before the baby was born so I spent a lot of time reading and working on my skills. I’ve fallen behind a little recently and not made any promotions at work for a while.

Career Korey on the other hand is working his way up. I’m so proud of him, I didn’t think he really likes hard work but I guess if it's for something you really want it makes a difference.

Labour I went into labour one night when Korey was at work. I never really thought about how the birth would be but I didn’t really have time to be worried as our baby came pretty fast.

New Diana Diana looked so tiny when I first held her. She has Korey’s black hair and my blue eyes.

Best Friends I always knew I would love any children I had and I couldn’t think of a better friend than one that was my own child.

Father & Daughter Korey took a little more getting used to our daughter. He would spend hours watching her sleep but never pick her up.

Washing Diana I don’t know why but I never felt safe bathing Diana in the bath tub, she fit the sink perfectly.

Birthday We decided to throw a birthday party for Diana. We don’t see our friends as much as we would like and what better opportunity than a party.

Toddler Diana
Diana Lind
5 neat, 10 outgoing, 9 active, 5 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Gemini

PottyI’m not sure how thrilled Korey was to potty train Diana but he did promise to help with Diana a bit more now that she was a toddler.

Walk Teaching Diana to walk was a breeze, she seemed to really want to learn. I think she just wants to get into everything faster.

Skills Diana is a very independent little girl. She love to spend time playing with her toys.

Promotion I came home from work one day, excited that I had just received a promotion but I wasn’t really looking forward to having to handle Diana’s and all her energy.

I couldn’t believe it, there was Korey and Diana sitting on the floor. Korey was teaching her to speak. I guess he does know our daughter, he wasn’t trying to get her to say Mama or Dada but to talk about her favourite teddy bear.

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Awww, Diana's cute, and Korey turned out to be a pretty good Dad after all! :)