Saturday, April 4, 2009

Becker #2: Family Chaos

NewBaby.jpg Jason: With one toddler in the house we’re now expecting another baby. I love playing with Laura’s belly, she doesn’t seem to mind it this time around.

Family.jpgIt had been a while since we had our friends over so we had a small dinner party. I think it was all that Laura was up for.

Cry.jpg I think this pregnancy is getting to her. I found her crying in the bathroom one morning.

BathDaniel.jpg With all the girls in the family I’m so glad I’ve got my little boy. He’s such an inquisitive little guy.

Birth.jpg Laura didn’t have time to dwell on being sad, she went into labour soon after that morning.

Hannah1.jpg We soon welcomed Hannah into our family. She has the same blue eyes and red hair as her brother.

BirthdayDaniel.jpg Time for another birthday. Daniel has now grown into a child.

Daniel.jpg Daniel is such a playfull friendly guy, he makes everyone smile.

snapshot_55a58ae0_b6cd93d2We hadn’t originally planned to have three kids but I guess we are now. Laura is pregnant again.

Play Daniel Laura seems a lot happier with this pregnancy and Daniels never ending playfulness doesn’t hurt either.

Help with HomeworkDaniel had been so excited about going to school he just hadn't realized that there was also homework that went along with it. Laura was all to happy to help him with his homework when he came home from school.

CooCoo I guess it was my turn to have a bit of a melt down. I didn’t realize it till I was playing with a sand bag that I had drawn a face on it.

ElderEven2.jpg I think the family had had enough big parties so when it was time for my parent’s birthday it was just the immediate family.

DylanElder.jpg Mum seemed just as happy as Dad to become an elder.

Hannah Toddler

Hannah Becker

5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 7 playful, 5 nice

Zodiac: Gemini

Talk Dad was right in there with Hannah, I guess he was hoping that her first word would be granddad. It wasn’t.

Kids Play Daniel is a wonderful older brother. He will often spend time with his sister in the nursery.

Birth3 Soon it was time for number 3.

BrandonWe welcomed in another little boy to our family. Brandon Becker matches is siblings with red hair and blue eyes.

TuckIn.jpg My Mum is always checking in on the kids, especially our newest edition.

Play GranddadDad seems to be completely taken with our little Hannah, they are always playing together.

Walk Laura love’s to teach the kids to walk, she doesn’t seem to mind that that means they will be into everything all the quicker.

Daniel Study Daniel doesn’t seem to mind doing his homework now. He often comes home and get’s it done as soon as possible.

Daniel Gardening I think he get’s his homework done so he can play in the green house.

Best Friends Daniel spends a lot of time with his friends from school. Bailey Nova and he soon become best friends.

Play Dad Daniel seems to have helped both Laura and I get over our little lapses of sanity. He seems to make everything simple and easier to handle.

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