Thursday, April 2, 2009

Newson: Starting Out

ApartmentThe Becker twins always knew they wanted to live close to each other and they wanted to start a business together. The new apartment block that opened in Chantilly fit the bill perfectly.

PoolOne of the best features of the new apartment building was the outdoor pool.

MarriedKyle: As soon as Ginger and I had settled on where to live we couldn't wait to get married. We decided to get married at the local church, lots of space for all our friends and family.

Weddign ToastBy the end of the night there was only a few of us left but lots of champagne, we couldn't let it go to waste.


Ginger and I found it easy to settle into our new place. By not buying a place right away we were saving a lot of money that we could put into the new business when Ken I and finally found the right place.

NoiseGinger and Ken had always gotten along well at Sim State University but I think sometimes his music did get on her nerves. She never had a problem telling him to turn down is music, especially if it was the middle of the night.

ArchitectureI always dreamed of becoming Captain Hero one day so I had hoped to get a job in law enforcement but a job opening wasn't there for me at first so I took a job in the architecture career path. Ginger just like to see me in a construction hat.

PromotionThough it wasn't my dream job I did seem to find a knack for it and was soon promoted, no more overalls for me.

ArtWhen we had a little time to ourselves Ginger was often at the easel painting.

SkillsI found myself spending many evenings star gazing. I knew picking the apartment on the top floor was the right choice.

LadiesGinger was determined not to lose touch with her friends, Sarah and Korey where amongst the first dinner guests we had over after our wedding. The girls talked over wedding plans for Sarah and Korey's up coming wedding.

BoysKorey and i on the other hand spent our time playing video games. I never spent much time with Korey back at College but I think we're going to get along just fine.

TV Fix

Not long after our wedding Ginger told me she was pregnant. I was thrilled with the news. What I wasn't thrilled with was Ginger's determination to fix everything that broke, especially with her being pregnant. I kept telling her that was one of the bonuses of living in an apartment, they would fix things for you. It all started with the TV.

DishwasherNext thing I knew she was fixing the dishwasher. She just laughed at me when I told her not to.

Store PlansKen and I finally had a chance to talk over our future business plans. We both had jobs but we knew our ultimate goal was to have a business. I think Ken was just looking forward to making toys all day long.

LaborGinger going into labor soon put a halt to Ken and I finding the perfect starter toy store.

Baby TamaraWe welcomed Tamara into our family one night, she has her mothers looks, black hair and brown eyes.

Excited DadaThat night was one of the happiest nights of my life.

FamilyEven Ken seem to take to his new niece. He was often over under the pretense of talking about the toy store but often spent the whole time playing with Tamara.

JobI was finally able to get a job in law enforcement. I'm not sure how much Ginger likes me being apart of the swat team but I love it.

Birthday TamaraAll too soon it was Tamara's birthday. We didn't have a big party but we did get a birthday cake.


Tamara Newson

Play with TamaraWhen I'm out at work Ginger gets to play with Tamara, I sometimes wish I could spend my day's at home playing with the girls. Then again I love my job.

Talk MamaWhen I came home one night Ginger told me that Tamara' s first word was Mama. I can't wait till she learns Dada.

Ken and I have finally found out toy store. We have called it Becker Toy's. It's not big but it fits our needs perfectly.

Our first day open I was so excited that I forgot to change out of my work clothes. No one seemed to notice. Ken and I where extremely happy and tired after our first day at the toy store.

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