Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nova: Children Everywhere

Andrew: My week has started out perfectly, I'm working my way up the career ladder, Bailey is full of fun and Kerry is expecting our second child. My mum doesn't understand why we would want more than one child but I know she's going to love this child as much as she does Bailey.

I love to watch my girls. Bailey's giggle is one of the best things there are.

My dad and Bailey have a special relationship. If I get up in the middle of the night I often hear gigling coming from the nursery and it's always my dad playing with Bailey.

One day I found Bailey fast asleep in Kai's old bed out on the back porch. Though she was very cute it was quite cold that day.

Soon enough it was Bailey's birthday again. The usual crowd where over, family and our friends from College days.

Bailey really has taken on her mother's looks. No Flylar nose for her.

Later that night Kerry went into labour and we welcomed another little girl into our family. Miriam has my brown hair but Kerry's blue eyes and nose.

One day after school Daniel Becker (Jason and Laura's son) came home with Bailey on the school bus. I think our buying a "Don't wake the Llama" game might have had something to do with it.

Bailey seems to be making a lot of friends at school. The next day she had another friend over, Gabriella Newson.

Bailey isn't the only one having friends over all the time. Many day's when I come home from work I find Kerry has her girlfriends over. Kerry, Holly and Laura have been close since College days.

Time again for another birthday party. I can't believe that my youngest girl is now a toddler.

Miriam headed straight for the play table. She love's to chew on a the blocks. At least there big blocks and she's not going to chock on them.

Miriam Nova
5 neat, 9 outgoing, 9 active, 10 playful, 1 grouchy
Zodiac: Gemini

I guess it was a really good party as the cops came to break it up. It's not the first time and it won't be the last time either.

The very next day Dad went to work teaching Miriam how to walk. Just like with Bailey he seems to have a wonderful relationship.

Kerry was eager to teach Miriam to talk and she was a qick study.

Kerry also go stuck with potty training Miriam. I guess my being at work all the time helped me get out of that one.

With all the attention Miriam was getting we thought it would be good to bring a new pet into the house for Bailey to play with. Dad and I took Bailey to the local pet store to let her pick out a pet.

I got a little worried when Bailey started playing with the womrat's. She thought they were really cut.

In the end Bailey picked out a puppy that her and my Dad named Darwin.

I've always loved living by the sea and now that Bailey is big enough I love to take her swimming in the sea.

Bailey loves to build sandcastles and she always seems to be able to get me to help her.

Bailey always seems so proud of her sandcastles, at least for a few minutes......

I sometimes think that Bailey makes the sand castles just to jump on them and send the sand flying.

With everything going on with the girls I thought it was time for Kerry to get back into something she used to love to do... flower arranging. I took her to see a shop in town that was up for sale. I figured Kerry could start the Flower shop she always wanted.

Kerry love the shop and soon had the place up and open for business. It took her about a week to get things just right. She spend most of the week at her flower bench coming up with new creations for her shop.

Bailey really is a very social girl. She will often call the Becker's (Kevin and Holly) and invite the whole family over, that way she gets to play with Edward, Addison and Loren. It gives Kerry and I a chance to catch up with our friends too.

Kerry and Holly are always gossiping about something. There was some talk of Jason going a little loco. Maybe that's why we haven't seen him and Laura lately.

I guess no one realized how hungry Miriam was one day. I found her eating out of Darwin's food bowl. Then again maybe she was just curious about it.

With Bailey always hanging out with her friends from school I was worried she wouldn't have a good relationship with her sister but every now and then I find the two of them in the playroom giggling over the blocks.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, this family lives right on the beach? Lucky!

I wish they would have the choice to age up uni friends when they graduate college, like they do at other life stages.

ruby said...

The girls are adorable and so is the puppy!