Monday, January 5, 2009

Sim State University: Cupiditas Domus

From the moment the boys moved into the Greek house they found everything was done with someone else. Writing their term papers seemed so much easier when there was someone else there doing the same thing.

Breakfast always seemed to be eaten together no mater what time of day it was. The four house members did almost everything together.

Andrew being the romance sim he was always had a lot of girls around him. Cheryl was beginning to get a little uncomfortable with this situation.

One day, though it wasn't Andrew's fault completely Cheryl caught him being kissed by another girl. Cheryl had had enough and ending things right then and there. Though he didn't really want things to end this way Andrew realized that though he like Cheryl a lot and had fun with her he still liked playing the field.

Kevin soon convinced Holly to pledge to the Greek house so she could move in with him. She spent most of her time there anyway so it wasn't much different when she finally moved in.

Many evenings in the Greek house when it was just the residents a poker game would often be what they all turned to. The boys soon learned that Laura would be the one winning the most.

Jason found himself flirting a lot with Laura. He had taken a fancy to her from the moment they had first met he just didn't think she felt the same way.

They soon found themselves doing more than a little flirting.

Love was in the air at the Greek house.

Jason had known since the first time Laura had introduced herself that he wanted to settle down with her. Proposing to her was the most natural think he could think of. There was no hesitation in Laura's voice when she said yes.

Kevin took Holly out to a nice restaurant, he couldn't wait to propose to her. He held his breath till she said yes.

One day while Andrew was visiting one of the dorms to recruit new pledges he saw a woman who took his breath away. His heart started to beat faster and his palms went all sweaty, he'd never felt this way before.

Andrew spend the whole time at the dorm talking to Kerry rather than recruiting new pledges. No woman had ever kept his attention so long.

Andrew finally mustered up the courage to ask Kerry out. He'd never been nervous around a girl before.

Thankfully for Andrew it was Kerry that mad the first move. Andrew finally knew what people meant by butterflies in one's stomach.

Their first kiss was unlike anything Andrew had ever experienced before. If Kerry hadn't been holding him he may just have fallen to the floor.

When none of the girls where around the boys where always to be found at the poker table. It was the only time they weren't fleeced by Laura.

When Kerry had pledge to the Greek house she soon moved in to spend more time with Andrew and get to know his friends. Kevin was always happy to spend time with new friends.

Andrew was so nervous when he went to propose to Kerry. He couldn't believe that he had found one woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Andrew was so happy when Kerry said yes he just froze he was so stunned.

With their University day's coming to an end there was time for one last party. All the Greek House members whether they lived in the house or not came as did many of the boy's parents.

Andrew was relieved to see how well his Mum and Kerry got along. The seemed to be well matched when it came to poker. They seemed to talk for hours, Andrew began to wonder if it was a good thing or not.

The last morning before they all went back to Chantilly they had pancakes with lots of butter an maple syrup. None of them truly believe they were moving home till well after breakfast.

When all the packing was done the younger boys started moving in with all their things. There were many mixed emotions when the taxi's came to take them all back to Chantilly.

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sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Wow, so much love, and no face slapping, or jealousy! How do you do it? I can't play uni without a boatload of drama always going on. I'm jealous! LOL