Friday, November 28, 2008

Chantilly Plaza Dorm: Boys

When the girls decided to go to one dorm and the boys to another the boys decided they wanted a larger co-ed dorm. They chose Chantilly Plaza Dorm. The boys knew it was the right decision form the moment they moved in.

Ken Becker's goal in life was to Become Head of Posiden so Biology was an obvious choice.

Aiden Pitts was a romance sim though he was beginning to question that goal so when he chose his major of Biology it was purely out of interest.

Kyle Becker being the family sim wanted to become Captain Hero and thus chose Psychology as his major.

The boys found themselves spending lots of time at the Student Union and Jamming well into the night on more than one occasion.

The boys also found themselves doing some studying. They found they were more likely to do this if they got together and studied as a group.

Kyle knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Ginger. He found a really nice place on campus and invited Ginger on a date.

He couldn't wait to propose, he didn't even wait till dinner was done. When he pulled out the box Ginger was speechless.

Ginger of course said yes. Both Kyle and Ginger where Family sims and they knew they were meant for each other even back in High School.

After dinner Kyle and Ginger found the dance floor and danced the night away. It was the best night either of them had ever had.

On one of their almost daily trips to the Student Union Aiden met Jordan Barakat. He couldn't stop staring at her so he finally got up the nerve to talk with her.

Aiden asked Jordan on a date which she said yes to. She hadn't been able to keep her eyes from Aiden when he was up on the stage jamming with the boys.

Jordan and Aiden where soon quite the couple on campus. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other.

Ken seeing his friends as happy as they where decided he would try the matchmaker that Sarah had used to find someone.

Brittan Upsnott was just what Ken was looking for. She was beautiful and smart and she didn't mind the slight mean streak that Ken had.

Brittany was soon spending most of her time at the Dorm with Ken rather than at her sorority.

When left to their own devices the boys found themselves doing very different things. Kyle would often be found playing chess.

Ken found a love of making things. As a fortune sim he hoped one day to own his own business.

Aiden had found a target. One of the campus mascot's was always coming over and driving them all nuts. Aiden decided enough was enough.

The boys decided that they wanted to live in the Greek House started by their grandmothers. It didn't take much to get in as the current members where their cousin's.

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