Thursday, November 13, 2008


Darcy: It's so nice when its just the four of us for dinner. We actually talk about things going on in are lives. These days most of what the twins talk about is going to College and what they need to do to get more scholarships.

I've always wanted a pet and I finally went and bought a cat, we've named Bonkers.

Abigail and I have taken to Bonkers, the boys aren't so sure about a cat in the house. How can you not love Bonkers he so cute.

Abigale is often found with her nose in a book. She is a knowledge Sim so studying for scholarships isn't too difficult for her.

Abigail can be found goofing around too. I'm not sure when she discovered that swinging on the fridge door was something fun to do. I've never seen Aidan doing it.

Abigail also likes to grow vegetable in the green house. I was never big on it but my sister Faith and my mum where always to be found in the greenhouse when we where growing up.

Abigale is quite the social thing. There are often friends over after school. Mostly her cousin's Sarah and Catherine, also her friend Ginger.

Aidan is also to be found with his nose in a book but it takes a lot more for him to study.

Aidan's form of socializing is more likely to be on the phone.

If he could be doing anything at all Aidan would be playing on my guitar.

It wasn't long till our little kitten was an adult cat.

Well I knew the time would come but my twins are off to Sim State University.

With the kids gone we where able to have my parent over for dinner along with a few friends. I love that my kids are off to College but it's nice to talk of something else.

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Melissa said...

Glad to see you're still blogging. It's been awhile.