Saturday, November 1, 2008

Becker #1: Teen Years

With the old house we had many trials and tribulations, bugs and glitches. Due to all this the Becker Family have now moved into yet another house. Most of the glitches are gone along with the custom content.

Amy: My parents are a great example of the best there is in a relationship. They are still very much in love and not afraid to show it.

Old habits do die hard. Keith and I still find ourselves spending a lot of time playing poker just like we did at Sims State.

It may be Fall but the weather is still good enough to have lunch outside by the pool. It's great that no matter how busy we are the family still finds time to eat many meals together.

Kyle often has one of his frinds Ginger come over after school. They say to do homework together but they often are to be found playing pool.

It wasn't long till they were the best of friends.

Kyle has recently gone on a health kick, which I think is great. He doesn't want to be the chuppy out of shape kid at school. He say's he'll leave that to his brother Ken.

Kyle isn't the only one in the house trying to get into shape. My dad has recently realized that he will live a lot longer if he keeps fit.

I warrent Dad's new health kick to Mum, she's always been in to Yoga and she has managed to get dad to join her in her daily workout.

Ken seems to spend a lot of his time playing the piano. He's gettting really good at it too. I think some of this spans from all the piano I played when I was pregnant with the twins.

Ken also seems to be a bit self absorbed lately. I'm often finding he's checking himself out in the mirror.

I wasn't very surprised when Kyle told me that he was in love with Ginger and that they were going steady.

Kyle and Ginger have stated spending more of their time together away from our house. I think Kyle didn't want his mum always walking in on him and Ginger.

One weekend Kevin and his cousin Jason came over, they said they needed a break from Sim State. Kyle spent a lot of time grilling them about Sim State. I know he's thinking of joining his brother there soon.

The twins get along great for the most part but they do have their disagreements sometimes.

Our family dinners often include Ginger these day's. I think things at her home aren't as comfortable as things here at the Becker Household. I actually like having her here, one more female at the table is always a nice thing.

Ken has finally decided that it was time to get into shape. I think part of it stems from his brother talking about all the girls at Sims State.

My boys have decided it's time to join their brother at Sims State. It's going to be strange not having teenagers around the house.

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