Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nova: Alone at Last

Ella: I found the empty house a little too quiet so I took an idea from my brother Ethan and got a dog. We adopted Kei from the pound, she's an older dog but I loved her at first sight.

I spend a lot of my free time when Castor is at work playing with Kai.

One morning at breakfast Castor and I started to talk about Andrew and the possibility that we may become grandparents in the not to distant future.

Kei is such a quick learning. I've been teaching her how to play dead, it's so funny to watch.

Castor has been spending a lot of time growing seedlings. He can spend hours at it. The flowers he grows are quite beautiful.

Though I no longer play professionally anymore I do still like to pick up my guitar and play.

Kei can really get into the dirt sometimes but at least she's well behaved in the bath.

It's been too long since I had seen Faith so we had a few friends over for dinner. I love cooking for more than just Castor and me.

After dinner Faith and I spend hours talking and catching up. I hadn't realized how much I've missed her. We talked about our kids, Andrew and Kevin are now living at the Geek House Faith and I started all those years ago. We also talked about things we wanted to do in the winter, maybe we'll have a chance to do them.

I'm not an overly sentimental mother but I do miss Andrew. We spent a long time talking on the phone the other night. It was really nice to hear his voice. He want's Castor and I to come out and visit, he want's to introduce us to his girlfriend, I guess it's getting serious.

Everyone in the neighborhood love's Kei. Even the mail Lady love's her and always has treats in her pocket when she comes by our house.

Casto has made it to the top of another career, he is now Chief of Staff. He also has made another long term want.

After the dinner party with my friends I thought it was time to have my brothers over for dinner too. It's really good to talk to them about our families and reminisce about our College days.

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M.McMillan said...

Is that Castor Nova. He looks a lot like him