Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Chantilly Dorm: Girls

With so many of the cousins going to Sim State University at one time the girls decided that they wanted to be in a female dorm away from the boys. The figured they would have less of a hassle without the boys that way. The only one who was a little less enthusiastic was Ginger as she wanted to spend lots of time with Kyle.

Ginger Newson's goal in life was to reach her Golden Anniversary. Art had always been a hobby of hers so she chose to take Art as her Major.

Sarah Becker's goal was to become a Hall of Famer. In order to pursue that end she chose Drama as her major as that would leave her lots of time for her sports.

Tara Flylar has always wanted to be a Media Mogul. Psychology was the obvious choice for her.

Abigale Becker is destined to be a Mad Scientist and Mathematics was the way to go for her.

All four of the girls where determined to get right into the school work. They all finished the term papers as soon as they could. They figured that would leave them lots of time for the more social aspects of College life.

Much like others in their family the poker table was often the place they found themselves. They would play late into the night and talk about their day.

Abigail was never the nicest girl on the block but there had never been anyone she really didn't get along with till she moved into Chantilly Dorm. Mackenzie and Abigail disliked each other from first sight. It wasn't long until they where at each others throats. Abigail was the strongest of the two and always won the fights. No one else understood why Mackenzie even tried to win a fight.

Tara and Abigail had a rocky relationship at High School but living together seemed to bring them closer together. They where always hanging out and gossiping about everything on campus.

Ginger and Kyle didn't get to spend as much time together as they had wanted but they made the best of the date's they did have. They made everyone around them sick with how cute they where together. They found it easier to go out rather than spend time at either of their dorms.

As exam time got closer the girls found themselves doing more and more study sessions. Often they would go well into the night.

Sarah never realized how focusing so much on her studies and not so much on her social life was effecting her. One day she just lost it and started babbling on the floor.

Her friends soon had a therapist come and see her. The therapist told her she had to spend some time on her social life.

Sarah decided to call the local matchmaker and see what she could do for her.

When Korey Lind appeared Sarah thought she had made a mistake in paying all this money for a blind date.

Sarah soon realized that the choice of Korey was the right one. Despite his dress Korey was the a good match for Sarah.

When ever the girls got a chance to sit down and enjoy a meal together they did. They would talk over everything that was going on in their lives and all the gossip of the day.


Melissa said...

Wow! I'd be extactic if the matchmaker brought me Mr. Big. LOL.

Anonymous said...

You seem to play Uni the same way I do - term papers as soon as possible, socializing later. I've had a few Social Bunny visits ;)